12 June, 2024 | Posted by Jenny Smith

Euro vision: Which stars will shine at EURO 2024?

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Predicting football talent is crucial for building successful, competitive teams. This involves a combination of traditional scouting, data analysis, and psychological assessment to identify future stars. By blending these methods, clubs can accurately forecast which players will thrive.

As we approach the UEFA EURO 2024 Tournament, we'll analyse initial data from the 2023/24 season to highlight potential standout performers

What are the characteristics of assessing potential football talent?

Predicting football talent is a cornerstone of building successful teams and ensuring long-term competitiveness. Identifying future stars allows clubs and nations to invest wisely, develop players who fit their strategic needs, and maintain a pipeline of talent that can sustain their performance levels over time.  The process of predicting football talent involves a blend of scouting, data analysis, and psychological assessment to name but a few.

Traditional scouting remains a fundamental component, where experienced scouts observe players' physical abilities, technical skills, and game intelligence. They evaluate attributes such as speed, agility, ball control, passing accuracy, and tactical awareness during matches and training sessions. 

In recent years, the advent of advanced data analytics has revolutionised talent prediction. Clubs now use sophisticated software to track and analyse numerous performance metrics. These include distance covered, number of successful passes, defensive actions, and even more advanced data like expected goals (xG) and player heat maps. This data helps in identifying patterns and trends that may not be immediately apparent through observation alone. 

Video analysis and AI technologies are increasingly employed to assess and predict talent. AI can analyse vast amounts of data, identify key performance indicators, and even predict future potential based on historical trends.  The importance of predicting football talent lies in its ability to ensure clubs and nations can build competitive and sustainable teams.

By combining traditional scouting methods with modern data analytics, clubs and organisations can more accurately forecast which players will thrive and deliver success on the pitch.

What does the data say for the UEFA Euro 2024 Tournament?

In this section of the blog we will review who the key players may be across the tournament. We will review some initial data to pinpoint the players who could be significant and extremely impactful in the upcoming tournament. The data provided is based on averages performances across the 23/24 season.

Phil Foden (England): Known for his creativity and ability to score crucial goals, Foden is a vital asset for England. His vision and technical prowess will play a key role in driving England's midfield.

Key Stats:

  • 86.8% passing accuracy
  • 61.5% dribble success, recoveries in opposition half
  • 62.3% with an overall average of successful actions at 65.5%.


Pedri (Spain): This young Spanish midfielder is renowned for his composure and ability to read the game. Pedri's impact in the midfield could be crucial to Spain's success in the tournament.

Key Stats:

  • 88.2% passing accuracy
  • 50% crossing accuracy
  • 49.3% duels won with an overall average of successful actions at 73.7%


Jamal Musiala (Germany): Peaking at the perfect time with standout performances in the Bundesliga, Musiala's creativity and dribbling skills will be crucial for Germany as their versatile attacker in the tournament.

Key Stats:

  • 64.6% recoveries in the opposition half
  • 55% dribble success
  • 83.3% pass success and an overall average of successful actions at 59.9%.

The statistics provided on the three players picked to do well in the EURO 2024 tournament are not perfect and there is certainly room for improvement, but their impact in the games should be significant. 

A end of tournament review blog will be produced to see how these three players did and whether the stats gathered across the season from their domestic performances, stack up to the performances in the tournament. Stay tuned!

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