30 March, 2022 | Posted by Michelle Hogan

#FollowYourPassion for Business and Fashion: FAQs on Fashion for Leaving Certs and Parents

When it comes to knowing what to study after the Leaving Cert, parents can have as many questions as students themselves.

It is completely normal as a parent or guardian to want the best for your child as they embark on a whole new journey outside of school and into the world of further or higher education. And we hope that those students want the best for themselves too.

At Portobello Institute, we support students to fulfil their potential and follow their passion, not the crowd. This means knowing what you are truly passionate about, what motivates you and gets you out of bed on a cold winter morning and choosing the course for your career success based on that passion.

If you are a Leaving Cert student researching your options in business or fashion or a parent trying to support your child to follow their passion for a career in fashion, this article is here to help you learn about our entry requirements, why Portobello Institute is different and how to apply or find out more information.

Is Portobello Institute on the CAO? Why/Why Not?

In short, no you won't find us in the CAO application process. Portobello Institute accepts direct applications to the college. This makes our programmes more accessible to you as our entry requirements are not based on points but rather on your overall academic ability for the course you want to pursue. Our entry requirements are moderate and static meaning they don't change, they are achievable and realistic. You can read more about them below.

You can apply directly to Portobello Institute via our website or by giving us a call. On our website, you will find all the information you need about the courses we carry and new ones coming on stream in the near future, fees, student success stories, career opportunities, assignments, modules and our student support.

Also, because we are not on the CAO, we do not operate under the same deadlines. We do recommend booking a consultation sooner rather than later to ensure your place on the program of your interest. We can give conditional offers if you apply before the Leaving Cert, meaning you can secure your place ahead of time pending your results, taking the stress out of your results and waiting around all summer to decide what you are doing.

What Are The Entry Requirements for Business of Fashion Courses?

Sitting the Leaving Certificate in 2022

Students may apply and be granted a “Conditional Offer” prior to completing the Leaving Certificate.

Step 1 – Submit your application

Step 2 – Attend an interview

Step 3 – Conditional Offer issued on the basis of successful achievement of LC requirements

Step 4 – Confirm acceptance of a place and pay a deposit as detailed

Applicants who have previously completed the Leaving Certificate;

Minimum of grade C or O6 in English and Maths with a pass in 4 other subjects.

Without a Leaving Certificate

Students should meet one of the following criteria;

QQI level 5 major award or;
An undergraduate degree in another subject or;
QQI Level 5 Fashion, Buying & Merchandising – available through Portobello Institute or;
Mature entry at 21 years. Mature students are reviewed on a case by case basis and entry is via interview.

There are no minimum points requirements with any of our business of fashion degree programs.

How Can I Start the Application Process?

The best thing you can do is book a consultation with our expert business of fashion advisor Brandon McLean. He can help you with any queries or concerns you may have. You can book a call here.

Once you have decided that Portobello is the place for you to follow your passion, you can make a payment in the form of a deposit or the full fees for the year to confirm a place on your chosen programme for the Autumn start.

Find Out More

At Portobello Institute we have a number of business of fashion undergraduate degrees that can help you or your son or daughter to follow their passion with career success in mind.

To find out more about these courses and the careers and programmes they progress on to, visit our business of fashion department page here.

You can also hear from our graduates and their experience of their time here. Read their stories here.

If you are interested in any of our business of fashion courses or have any questions you can book a consultation call with our expert fashion advisor Brandon McLean here email brandon.mclean@portobelloinstitute.com or call 01 892 0035. 

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