15 February, 2021 | Posted by Cian Fahey

Get Off The Ground with Portobello's Masters in Aviation Management

Aviation Management

During his regular spot with Ray Darcy on RTE Radio  this week, Irish Times journalist Conor Pope said that experts within the aviation industry expect the end of the summer to be a turning point. He suggested the airline market could be back to normal by October.

It’s possible that this doesn’t happen and the world will be changed forever. It’s also possible that zoom meetings and web conferences take over actual human interaction. If that happens, the aviation industry will suffer.

But how likely is that to happen really?

As Pope said, once the vaccine is delivered the aviation industry should return to normal quite quickly. Vaccines are being administered and since we haven’t yet hit the Wall-E levels of laziness where human beings give up on the whole concept of movement, your trips will happen again. You will visit your friends and your family. You’ll get to go to that holiday in a warmer climate and big events will once again draw international crowds.

Businesses might now know that they can work remotely if they need to. But that doesn’t mean they’ll choose to. It doesn’t mean it makes sense to. Human interaction is still a vital part of being human.

The fact that it took something as dramatic as a global pandemic to damage the aviation market speaks to how resilient it was in the first place. And fortunately, global pandemics don’t come around that often. Once planes are put back in the air, the aviation industry should return its massive global workforce and resume the exponential growth it has enjoyed over the last decade.

Coinciding with the upturn of the industry, you can upskill to a Level 9 degree in Portobello Institute to take advantage of the anticipated resurgence.

Portobello offers a MSc degree in Aviation Management. It will open doors for you to a better job after the pandemic than the one you were previously in or the one you were previously seeking out on an undergraduate degree.

You can directly apply to this course if you have a 2.2 (or equivalent) in a related subject discipline or at least two years working at managerial level in the aviation industry. If you don’t meet the immediate qualifications, you can apply through an interview to discuss your application with our course advisor.

This programme lasts one year and is delivered through Blended Learning.

Blended Learning offers one-to-one tutor support, online learning and recorded webinars while running outside the typical working hours. This means you can continue in your full-time job while earning your Masters on a schedule that suits you.

Programme Manager Joanne Power has been lecturing at Portobello for 15 years, “For me, travel is the most exciting industry in the world and it is a privilege for me to share my knowledge and experience with students who share this passion.”

Joanne brings experience from working with USIT, Failte Ireland and Aer Lingus in different roles. She has guided students into careers for Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Ryanair, Aer Lingus, Emirates and more. She has also developed employees of the companies she has worked for in training/management roles.

Since Joanne is so experienced and still connected to the industry, students who graduate from the MSc programme come away with an understanding of the latest systems and technologies in aviation. They learn about the concept of e-commerce within aviation management and the impact the digital age will continue to have on the strategic activities of airlines and airports.

Joanne applies theory to practice in order to develop leadership and strategic management in her students. This opens different opportunities for students once they have graduated. You can either work in different aviation management areas or specialist areas of aviation.


Aviation Management Areas:

  • Passenger handling management
  • Airline Operations management – under wing
  • Air cargo management
  • Airline sales management
  • Airline marketing management
  • Revenue management
  • Engineering management
  • Cabin crew management
  • Flight deck management


Specialist Areas of Aviation:

  • Airline finance and procurement
  • Airline strategy
  • Airline branding
  • Airline IT support
  • Airline Corporate Legal services
  • Airline procurement

For more information on this course or the Travel and Tourism department, you can contact course advisor Brandon on 01 892 0035 or email him at brandon.mclean@portobelloinstitute.com.

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