05 April, 2024 | Posted by Jenny Smith

IDSDP 2024: Sport for Peace and Inclusivity: Benjamin Lynch

On the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) 2024, we delve into the profound impact of sports in fostering peaceful and inclusive societies.

This year's theme, "Sport for the Promotion of Peaceful and Inclusive Societies," underscores the pivotal role that sports play in promoting unity, understanding, and social cohesion across diverse communities worldwide.

Through the lens of Benjamin Lynch, a soccer player for Wexford Town and a student pursuing a BSc in Sports Therapy at Portobello Institute, we explore the transformative potential of sports in uniting communities and promoting positive change.


1. How do you believe sports contribute to building peaceful and inclusive societies?

"Sports provide a platform where individuals come together, irrespective of their backgrounds, to compete based on skill, determination, and resilience. Whether it's playing for a club team or enjoying recreational matches with friends, sports foster an environment of mutual respect and teamwork.

"Regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or sexuality, people unite through their love for the game, transcending barriers and promoting inclusivity on and off the field.


2. How do you think sports can be utilised to address social issues such as discrimination or conflict resolution?

"Athletes, especially those in the public eye, hold significant influence over their followers, particularly the youth. By championing messages of inclusivity, equality, and conflict resolution, sports figures can make a substantial impact in combating discrimination.

"Through their actions and advocacy, they can inspire positive change and promote understanding, thereby leveraging the unifying power of sports to address social issues."


3. What initiatives or programs have you been involved in that align with the goals of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace?

"Personally, I'm part of a basketball group that gathers weekly for friendly matches. Despite our diverse backgrounds, we share a common love for the sport, fostering friendships and mutual respect among us.

"This initiative exemplifies the essence of IDSDP, as it brings individuals together, transcending boundaries and promoting social cohesion through sports."


4. Bonus Question: Who is an inspiration in sport for you, an example of someone who has made a difference off the field/court, etc.?

"Sadio Mane, the Liverpool footballer, stands out as a source of inspiration for me. Rising from poverty, he defied the odds to become a top-tier athlete. Yet, beyond his achievements on the field, Mane exemplifies true sportsmanship by using his platform to uplift others.

"Through philanthropic endeavours, such as funding schools, stadiums, and providing essentials to those in need in his home country, Mane showcases how sports can be a catalyst for positive change, transcending borders and making a tangible difference in the lives of others."

Uniting Communities Through the Power of Sport

As we celebrate IDSDP 2024, let us reaffirm our commitment to harnessing the power of sports for social good. Through courses like the BSc in Sports Therapy at Portobello Institute, we endeavour to equip future educators and coaches with the tools to foster inclusive environments, promote peace, and inspire positive change.

Together, let us continue to champion the transformative potential of sports in building a more peaceful and inclusive world.

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