23 August, 2021 | Posted by Cian Fahey

Portobello Institute Welcomes Dr. Orlagh Farmer to 'Changing the Game: The Future of PE' Webinar

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Portobello Institute is at the forefront of Physical Education in Ireland.

We are developing sports graduates to work in all areas of the sports industry, including physical education in schools with our Higher Certificate in Physical Education for undergraduates, our BSc (Hons) Psychology, Coaching and PE degree and our BA Physical Education degree.

You can learn more about each of these courses and the future of Physical Education in Ireland at our upcoming webinar on September 8th at 7pm.

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Changing the Game: The Future of PE

Portobello Institute lecturer Anthony Sheriff will host the event and he will be joined by Dr. Orlagh Farmer.

Sheriff is a graduate of Liverpool John Moores University. He has taught PE in different countries around the world and holds a master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology. He is also the host of The Top 2 Inches of Sports podcast.

Dr. Farmer is a graduate of UCC, holding a Bachelor of Education in Sports Studies and Physical Education and Irish, Secondary Education and Teaching. She also holds a PhD in Sports Studies. An experienced teacher who has worked at secondary school level, as a tutor in UCC and as a lecturer in Dundalk IT, Dr. Farmer is also an intercounty GAA player with Cork.

This event will include presentations and an opportunity for a Q&A with our speakers.

Some of the topics covered will include:

  • The importance of PE in primary school
  • The PE Leaving Certificate curriculum
  • Pathways to progression for prospective students and current teachers
  • Dr. Farmer’s experience as a teacher in Ireland, in Irish education and her research on girls in sport

Dr. Farmer recently appeared on Anna Geary’s RTE documentary exploring why girls quit sport. With her own passion for sport and her career spent in physical education, she is in an ideal position to use sport to promote education and the other way around.

Her research shows the opportunities that are there to expand how young people are motivated to be more physically active:

“My research is heavily involved in promoting sport, particularly for girls. I have always tried to be as creative as I can. After years of working with young girls and research, I put together the five-day challenge to get everyone out and about.

Tai Chi Thursday was just something different. I gave it a try and I got a great response.

People are more open than ever now — they are all going off their heads at home, so I brought a bit of football into it too and it went down well. I was in my car one day and suddenly I realised how I could get more girls active — merging the skills of ladies football with basic fundamental skills and a movement dance with music.”

Inclusivity is a major theme for physical education. While sport is often about competitiveness and driving individuals or teams to a new level through more aggressive means, physical education is about developing a passion for health and wellbeing in children who would otherwise be sedentary.

Our collective physical education has major ramifications on the wider population’s health. Creating an education system built on qualified PE teachers is the way forward.

Whether you are a prospective student, a current student, a current PE Teacher or a teacher/coach looking to add to your skill set, Changing the Game: The Future of PE is the perfect event for you. Reserve your place now for September 8th.


Portobello Institute values the one in everyone and understands that education is only a part of your life. We don’t want to take up all of your time and create stress for you. You should go to college to improve your life outside of college and after college.

We are training the sports professionals of the future. If you would like to work in sport in a professional capacity, you can find a course that will provide you with the requisite education to do so.

Our sports courses are listed here.

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