19 April, 2022 | Posted by Colm McDonnell

Portobello Presents: How to Become a Performance Analyst

Have you ever wondered what goes into an elite athlete achieving optimum performance? Do you want to hear from seasoned industry professionals who have observed and worked with high-performance athletes here in Ireland and abroad? Do you want to find out how you can become a performance analyst like them?

Portobello Institute presents the second instalment of a series of informative webinars, showing you how can you enter the world of professional sports. Following on from our How to Become a Sports Therapist event, Portobello is excited to announce our next webinar, How to Become a Performance Analysis.

The data that makes up performance analysis is vast and elite sports teams and individual athletes need experts who are able to observe the data, put it into context, and use it to allow for absolute optimum performance.

On the night, we will hear from industry professionals with years of experience at some of the biggest sports teams in the world. They will share journeys to where they are now and the invaluable experience, they have gotten over the course of their careers.

We will confirm the list of speakers in due course.

The webinar will take place at 7 pm on Thursday, May 5th. This event is free, and you can sign up to attend here.


If you weren’t able to attend our previous webinar on How to Become a Sports Therapist, fear not.

You can watch the webinar, in full, below or using this link:


Did you know?

How to Become a Performance Analyst is just the second informative webinar Portobello is running.

The third, How to Become a Sports Psychologist, takes place at 7 pm on Thursday, June 2nd. You can sign up for that event here.

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