12 May, 2021 | Posted by Michelle Hogan

Six Reasons Studying a Childcare Course Online is Right For You

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Are you thinking about delving into childcare studies but you’re not sure if online learning is for you?  

Here at Portobello Institute, we hit the ground running with online education when Covid-19 forced everyone into lockdown and students out of the classroom. 

We had already developed our online eLearning system 'ePortobello' to expand accessibility to our courses.

We have worked hard to make our quality course materials available to you online in a way that is engaging and flexible to your schedule.  

Here are six reasons why studying a childcare course online at Portobello is right for you. 

  1. Flexibility – Having time to study can be one of the biggest barriers when making the decision to study a childcare course. Studying online means that if you miss a live video class you can watch it back in your own time. There is no more rushing around, travelling in the evenings after a tiring day at work or balancing childcare when you can study from the comfort of your own home. Our students say that watching classes back as many times as they need to have been a game-changer for their learning. 
  2. ePortobello is our dedicated, custom, online eLearning space for students. When you sign up for your course you will get login information, ePortobello is where you will find all our course materials, files, videos, upcoming events, tutor contact and more. Watch our intro to ePortobello here: 


3. Digital Literacy – Studying your childcare course online will give you the digital literacy skills you will need in future to keep up with the graduate-led sector. Childcare is hands on and practical while the academic and research is also in-depth. Knowing how to navigate online resources will help you on your education journey as you learn how to attend college online, complete and submit written assignments, presentations and more. 

4. The quality of our tutors and one on one tutor support shines through our online learning. Our tutors bring their experience and expertise to their engaging online classes, they care about each student and want you to achieve your personal best. Our tutors adapt to your learning abilities and support you in any way they can. You can read our tutor profiles in more depth here.

5. Studying a childcare course online with Portobello means you will join hundreds of graduated alumni who now work in and lead in the sector. You will join a community of graduates who were educated at one of the most widely recognised childcare course providers in the UK and Ireland and proudly hang your Portobello qualification in your setting. Portobello was founded 40 years ago and has delivered quality childcare courses adapted over time to be up to date, interesting and applicable to your work in the childcare sector. 

6. Community – Everything seems to take place on a screen these days but at Portobello we go the extra mile to welcome students into our community of learners even online. We nurture the one in everyone, we create spaces for students to support one another and engage with each other. We run our courses with small class numbers, even online, your tutor will know your name and value your journey through Portobello. 

Portobello Institute offers a range of Early Years courses, you can check out our upcoming start dates here.

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