28 September, 2023 | Posted by Jenny Smith

The Physical and Mental Benefits of an Active Career in PE Teaching

In the mosaic of modern careers, PE teaching stands out as a dynamic interplay of physical vigour and mental fortitude.  

While the idea of an active career often conjures images of athletes or fitness trainers, PE teachers tread a unique path that offers a multitude of health benefits, both physical and psychological.  

Let's dive into the world of PE teaching, and discover how this career doesn't just benefit students, but the educators themselves. 

1. Staying Physically Fit

It's no secret that regular movement keeps the body healthy. PE teachers, by the very nature of their job, indulge in daily physical activities. Whether it's demonstrating a new drill, playing a sport, or guiding students through exercises, their routine involves consistent cardiovascular and muscular engagement. 

2. Mental Agility and Quick Thinking

Teachers need to think on their feet, adapt to situations, and make split-second decisions. This cognitive agility, sharpened over time, enhances mental alertness and problem-solving skills. 

3. Reduced Sedentary Risks

With sedentary lifestyles linked to various health concerns, from cardiovascular diseases to obesity, an active career in PE teaching offers a natural antidote. Regular movement and reduced desk time contribute to overall better health and reduced risks of sedentary-associated ailments. 

4. Stress Relief and Emotional Well-being

Physical activity is a known stress buster. The endorphin release associated with movement acts as a natural mood enhancer. PE teachers, amidst their active routines, often experience these mood boosts, promoting emotional well-being and combating stress and burnout. 

5. Building Social Connections

A career in PE teaching is inherently social. Teachers interact with students, colleagues, and parents, fostering a sense of community. These social interactions can be profoundly fulfilling, leading to enhanced mental health and a feeling of belonging. 

6. Mindfulness and Present Moment Awareness

The physical nature of PE often requires being in the moment. Whether it's guiding a yoga session or focusing on a game's strategy, PE teachers routinely practice mindfulness. This focus on the present moment can lead to improved concentration and a serene mental state. 

7. Lifelong Learning and Cognitive Benefits

The world of sports, fitness, and physical education is ever-evolving. As PE teachers continuously learn and adapt, they engage in lifelong learning. This continuous education has cognitive benefits, keeping the brain active and reducing the risks of cognitive decline. 

An active career in PE teaching is a treasure trove of benefits, extending far beyond the physical. The symbiotic relationship between body and mind is profoundly evident in this profession. As PE teachers guide, inspire, and educate the next generation, they simultaneously reap the rewards of a career that nourishes multiple aspects of a healthy life.

Colm Dunne graduated with his BA (Hons) in Physical Education at Portobello Institute, gained his PME and is now working in his dream job as a PE Teacher.

“I am now teaching PE in a local school to where I live. It’s a great school with fantastic facilities. I’m teaching LCPE to 5th & 6th years. I really am working my dream job, something that would not have been possible without Portobello.

“Any student who is even thinking of pursuing a degree in PE, sports coaching or sports science, should really consider Portobello," he said.

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