23 March, 2023 | Posted by Jenny Smith

Unlocking Your Career Potential with a PGCEi: Exploring Career Opportunities in Education

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If you're a recent graduate looking to advance your career, you might be wondering what options are available to you. With so many different career paths to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which path to take. Education, and particularly teaching, is a field that is always in demand.

Make a positive impact

Teaching is a rewarding profession that can provide both job satisfaction and personal fulfillment. As a teacher, you have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of students and to help shape the next generation. If you are passionate about education and want to make a difference, then a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCEi) may be the right path for you.

The PGCEi is a postgraduate qualification designed for those looking for an easy path to becoming educators. The course gives students the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in school, including hands-on learning and real-world examples. In addition to academic benefits, the PGCEi provides a variety of career opportunities.

Pursue a career in education

One of the primary advantages of pursuing the PGCEi is the variety of career options available to graduates. After finishing the course, you will be able to pursue a career in primary and secondary education, adult education, or higher education. You can also work as a trainer or instructional designer in non-profit organizations or the private sector. With a PGCEi, the possibilities are endless, and the skills you learn can be applied in a variety of industries.

PGCEi as a pathway to PE teaching

A PGCEi can also lead to a career teaching physical education (PE) in primary and secondary schools. With a PGCEi and an MSc Physical Education (both available from Portobello Institute in Autumn '23), you are on the path to becoming a qualified PE teacher and assisting young people in developing their physical skills and staying active and healthy.

A PGCEi can provide personal and professional growth in addition to career opportunities. This course will push you to learn new skills and knowledge while also challenging you to think critically about education and teaching. You will be encouraged to reflect on your own teaching practices and to strive for continuous improvement. This can result in increased confidence and self-awareness, both of which are beneficial in any career.

Access career advice

It is recommended to seek advice from one of our experienced career advisors if you are considering a PGCEi. A career consultation can assist you in identifying your strengths and interests, as well as exploring the various career options available to you. A consultation can also offer advice on how to apply for this course and prepare for a career in education.

All prospective students are offered career consultations at Portobello Institute. Our experienced advisors can assist you in navigating the various career paths available to you and determining the best course of action for your future. We can help you achieve your career goals whether you want to teach, train, or design instructional materials.

Take the next step towards a rewarding career

Finally, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCEi) is an excellent investment in your future. This course can provide a pathway to a rewarding and fulfilling career in education, with a variety of career opportunities and personal growth potential.

We encourage you to contact us for a career consultation if you are a graduate with a passion for education. Our team of experts can assist you in realizing your career potential and achieving your goals.

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