28 June, 2021 | Posted by Michelle Hogan

WATCH: What I Gained From BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies Level 8 Degree

BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies

Why do a Level 8 BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies degree? What does this course involve and what will I gain from it? 

If you have been asking yourself these kinds of questions, we are here to answer them. 

Natasha Murphy is a tutor at Portobello Institute, Manager of Portobello Montessori School and she has completed her Early Childhood studies all the way up from Level 6 to Level 9 at Portobello.

In this video, she explains how she progressed directly from Level 7 to Level 8 and never looked back. 


"From completing my Level 8 at Portobello Institute the biggest thing I gained was confidence within the classroom.

"Studying helpeme to broaden and gain so much more knowledge for the early years sector and bringing all that knowledge back into the classroom it made me a lot more confident working with children, communicating with parents and communicating with outside people like primary schools.  

"From completing my Level 8 I progressed into the role of Manager at Portobello Montessori School, and I gained the opportunity of tutoring Level 5 and Level 6 which has really helped me in the early years sector.

"If you are teaching in a classroom five days a week and then you get to share all that knowledge with students who are currently studying, it just makes for an excellent lecture. 

"I completed my level 7 and progressed on to my level 8 at Portobello Institute. I really enjoyed the topics we covered in the Level 7 and it was from the study in the Level 7 that I ended up gaining an interest in transitions and implementing my home visits and that’s what carried over to my Level 8 basing my whole dissertation on home visits.

"Everything you learn in level 7 carries on to Level 8 so I’m really delighted that I did both and stayed in the same college, it was lovely to build relationships with tutors and get to know them and have that similarity for the new level of degree I was moving on to. 

"I would really recommend Portobello Institute because of their tutors, they really go above and beyond for you.

"If you need anything and give them an email or book a phone call they are always there and without that support I probably wouldn’t have achieved the grade that I did.

"The course content was brilliant, everything you were learning about in the classroom you were carrying over to your own setting and there was a lovely crossover," she said. 

Portobello Institute offers programmes in Early Childhood Studies from Level 6 to Level 9. 


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