18 October, 2023 | Posted by Jenny Smith

What are the Educational and Career Progression Routes from Sports Therapy?

Diving into the dynamic world of sports therapy is an exhilarating decision, with the role offering an intricate blend of science, sports, and patient care. But as with many professions, the journey doesn't stop with your initial qualification.  

The world of sports therapy, vast and varied, offers numerous avenues for educational enrichment and career advancement. So, if you're asking, "What's next after becoming a sports therapist?", keep reading! 

Educational Progression 

Advanced Degrees

Masters and PhDs: Pursue higher degrees focusing on sports medicine, biomechanics, or related areas to deepen your knowledge and potentially move into research or academic roles. 

Specialised Certifications: Various organisations offer certifications in areas like strength and conditioning, sports nutrition, or specific therapeutic techniques. 

Conferences and Workshops

Regularly attending workshops, seminars, and conferences keeps you updated with the latest techniques, research, and best practices in the field. 

Cross-disciplinary Studies
Consider courses in areas like nutrition, psychology, or even sports management. These can enhance your holistic understanding and care approach for athletes. 

Career Progression


Orthopedic Sports Therapist: Focus on musculoskeletal issues, working alongside orthopaedic surgeons.

Pediatric Sports Therapist: Specialise in treating young athletes, and understanding the unique challenges and growth-related issues they face. 

Performance Enhancement Specialist: Work on optimising athletic performance, merging rehabilitation with strength and conditioning training. 

Team Positions 
Sports teams, from collegiate to professional levels, often have dedicated medical teams. As you gain experience, roles like head sports therapist for prominent teams can be your next step. 

Management and Administrative Roles
With experience, you might transition into managerial positions, overseeing teams of therapists, running large sports rehabilitation centres, or even starting your venture. 

Academia and Research
After acquiring advanced degrees, you can venture into teaching future sports therapists or engage in research to push the boundaries of sports medicine. 

With a wealth of experience, sports therapists can become consultants for sports organisations, fitness centres, or educational institutions, guiding them on best practices. 

Broadening Horizons
Consider related roles like becoming a sports nutritionist, a strength and conditioning coach, or even a sports psychologist. These roles can be standalone or merged with your therapy practice for a comprehensive approach. 

Global Opportunities
Sports are universal, and with the right qualifications, experience, and networking, opportunities to work internationally—whether with sports teams, at events, or in clinics—can open up. 

Sports therapy, while a fulfilling career in itself, is also a springboard to new opportunities. As athletes continually push the envelope, the demand for skilled professionals who can support, heal, and enhance their capabilities only grows.

Whether you choose to dive deeper into research, expand into other related fields, or climb the ladder to high-profile roles, remember: the world of sports offers a vast playing field, and you're poised to make your mark! 

Sean Moriarty completed a PLC course and gained entry to Portobello Institute's BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy. He went on to gain his MSc in Physiotherapy and now works as a physiotherapist with the NHS in Scotland and in a private clinic.

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