29 March, 2023 | Posted by Colm McDonnell

What does a BSc (Hons) Airline, Airport and Aviation Management Degree Qualify you to do?

Airline, Airport and Aviation Management

Ranging from technological excellence to aviation engineering to the management of global airlines and airport hubs, aviation is an exciting and fast-paced industrial sector.

Gaining a degree in Airline, Airport and Aviation Management is an innovative approach that focuses on giving you a critical understanding and the skills for managing in the world of aviation.

A course like this will equip you with the materials and skills to achieve high-ranking managerial positions across the aviation sector in an industry that takes you across the world.

Upon graduation, you will have a variety of career routes available to you in Ireland, the UK and internationally. You will be equipped for management and leadership within the aviation sector, which ranges from operational management and strategic planning to compliance and financial management.

Aviation management is personnel who oversee all aspects of the operations at an airport or other business in the aviation field.

This profession requires extensive knowledge of aviation equipment and operation, as well as strong leadership skills.

Learning about how to earn a degree in aviation management, and the careers available to you if you do, can help determine your career path. 

Career opportunities with an Airline, Airport and Aviation Management qualification:

  • Passenger handling management
  • Airline Operations management – under wing
  • Air cargo management
  • Airline sales management
  • Airline marketing management
  • Revenue management
  • Engineering management
  • Cabin crew management
  • Flight deck management

The specialist areas of aviation you could work in include:

  • Airline finance and procurement
  • Airline strategy
  • Airline branding
  • Airline IT support
  • Airline Corporate Legal services
  • Airline procurement

Upon completion of the degree, you will also be eligible to move on to do our MSc in Aviation Management which will only reinforce your ability to achieve the most prestigious jobs available in the aviation sector.

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