19 July, 2022 | Posted by Colm McDonnell

What Will You Learn from a Level 9 PGC in Innovation for Sustainability in the Workplace?

Delivered by experienced industry experts via blended learning with online webinars, this level 9 Post Graduate Certificate (PGC) in Innovation for Sustainability in the Workplace offers you the opportunity to explore and understand the goals of the sustainability agenda in the workplace. It will provide you with up-to-date sustainability toolkits, techniques and information that will enhance your competencies and ability to design and deliver an innovative plan for sustainability in the workplace.

Sustainability in the workplace is becoming a core business obligation with facilities and workplace managers at the forefront to innovate and deliver practices at an operational, tactical, and strategic management level. There is continuous demand that organisations develop and implement sustainability policy that is responsive to the agenda of local, national, and global development agendas.

Over the course of four months, you will learn the key information needed to be able to design and implement key sustainability strategies that will help your company deliver on sustainable targets, no matter how ambitious they are. This PGC programme is designed to encourage interaction and contribution from students, expert tutors, and senior leaders in the industry. This methodology will enhance your skillset to include an understanding of the proactive approach and the strategic context needed to meet the growing emphasis of sustainability in the workplace.

You will further develop skills such as critically analysing and problem-solving in the context of innovation and strategic decision-making. Practical industry insights and presentations ensure that you will relate theory to real-life work scenarios. Upon completion of this programme, you will have developed toolkits and techniques to innovate, design and implement a practical sustainable solution for your organisation.

Modules for this programme include Innovation and Design Principles for Sustainability in the Workplace, Implementing Sustainability in the Workplace, and Fundamentals of ESG and Sustainability.

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