27 July, 2022 | Posted by Colm McDonnell

Who Should Study a BA (Hons) Physical Education?

 At Portobello Institute, we strive to make education more accessible and allow people to follow their passion for the career they want. Ultimately, this course is well-suited to those who have a desire to become a qualified PE teacher who might be otherwise unable to do so through traditional routes such as the CAO.

This degree is designed to professionally develop practitioners to progress in both their practical and future academic careers. Awarded by Liverpool John Moore’s University (LJMU), graduates will hold an instantly recognised degree from one of the world’s leading universities for sports science and physical education.

This BA (Hons) Physical Education course has been co-developed by Portobello Institute and the expert academic team in LJMU who have an international reputation for the delivery of physical education degrees.

Our students can use this BA (Hons) in Physical Education as an entry pathway to becoming a PE teacher. Portobello Institute will offer, from October ’22, a Post Graduate Certificate in Continuing Education (PGCEi) with an MSc in Physical Education available from October ’23. These programmes combined are delivered over 2 academic years, offering graduates the qualifications they require to pursue a career in PE teaching. Alternatively, many of our past students have used qualifications gained from Portobello Institute to gain entry to other universities to study post-graduate qualifications for PE teaching.

Designed for those students considering entering the teaching profession, the content of this degree will equip you with an in-depth knowledge of physical education. You will study a range of modules considering learning and teaching alongside the main sports science disciplines. Modules such as Psychology and Introduction to Skills Acquisition in year 1 right through to Contemporary Issues in PE provide you with strong foundations to build a career in physical education.

Delivered over 3 years, the BA (Hons) Physical Education programme aims to develop your critical understanding of physical education, through theoretical, practical and work-based learning experiences. You will have the opportunity to qualify and work in professional sports coaching and the option to study a PGCEi and an MSc Physical Education to become a qualified PE teacher

If this course sounds like it is something of interest to you, you can find out more about our BA (Hons) Physical Education, you can visit the course page here.

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