14 May, 2021 | Posted by Michelle Hogan

Will Brexit Affect My Early Years Qualification and Recognition?

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Brexit is affecting and will affect a lot of things, but your early year's qualification from Portobello Institute and its recognition for higher capitation is not one of them. 

College Director, Denise Flood, reassures anyone currently studying or thinking of studying at Portobello that Brexit will have no impact on their qualification. 

“UK Degrees qualification equivalences have been mapped to the European and Irish Frameworks for qualifications (EQF and NFQ). 

“Brexit will have absolutely no impact on this. UK Degrees are recognised worldwide and in fact would be deemed some of the most excellent academic standards worldwide. 

“In terms of professional recognition, these degrees are listed on the DCEDIY (former DCYA) list of recognised courses. In a nutshell, Brexit will have NO impact on these degrees' relevance and recognition for Early Years practitioners in Ireland,” she said. 

Qualifications Frameworks in Ireland and the UK 

The Irish and UK qualifications authorities have collaborated on initiatives that promote the transparency, recognition, and mobility of qualifications between our respective jurisdictions.  

The qualifications authorities in the UK and Ireland have agreed on the qualifications frameworks in operation, Brexit will not impact this agreement.

Portobello Institute offers a range of early childhood education qualifications, Montessori qualifications, early childhood studies degrees and masters programmes, SNA courses, and more. Visit our early years department here. 

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