14 May, 2021 | Posted by Michelle Hogan

Working Beyond the Early Years Setting – Where Can Level 8 Take You?

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Many students at Portobello Institute study their Level 8 BA Hons degree in Early Childhood Education because they love the sector, but they want to work beyond the pre-school classroom.  

What does working beyond the classroom mean? 

Completing a Level 8 BA Honours Degree in Early Childhood Studies opens doors to a huge variety of roles in the sector.  

As well as advancing your qualifications to work as a registered childminder, early years practitioner, setting manager, SNA and quality lead in chains of childcare settings the same as the Level 7 degree, the Level 8 gives you the edge to advance to roles like early years specialist with POBAL, early years specialist with DES, various roles in the DCEDIYTusla, Ombudsman for Children, Early Childhood Ireland, Association of Childhood Professionals.  

You can make a real difference within these roles and bring your practical experience with children into key decision-making roles in the sector.

Level 8 is also the pathway to becoming an adult educator or tutor with the VEC or private colleges (with additional training in Teaching in Further Education), it is a route to primary school teaching (with a Professional Master’s in Education – Leaving Certificate results for specific subjects apply), registration with the Teaching Council of Ireland via the further education route for roles in specialised schools and units. 

The Level 8 degree is also a clear pathway to our Level 9 master’s programme in Early Childhood Studies here at Portobello. 

Holding a master’s degree will give you the edge, keep you abreast of the latest research in early years care and education and build further on the strong foundation of knowledge you have acquired from your undergraduate studies. 

WATCH: Portobello tutor Natasha Murphy explains what the Level 8 degree did for her. 

If any of these career opportunities that allow you to work your way up and out of the early years setting appeal to you get in contact with Portobello today about your Level 8 degree. 


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