31 May, 2021 | Posted by Cian Fahey

Accelerating Education in Facilities Management with IWFM 4

Accelerating Education in Facilities Management with IWFM 4

Everything in Facilities Management for the foreseeable future is about change.

More hybrid working environments are coming in the post-Covid-19 world. Having decades of experience in the Facilities market is still going to be valuable but the changing nature of the coming world means a greater emphasis on education will be needed. Problem-solving skill sets and the ability to break the traditional norm will now be necessary for leadership positions.

Since the office isn’t going to be the same, the way in which it is managed won’t be the same either. At Portobello Institute, we are already anticipating the changes that need to be made. We have brought together some of the biggest names in Facilities Management for a webinar on the future of the workplace on June 22nd.

Attaining a qualification or a degree can be a long, arduous process. You might not reap the rewards of a Level 8 in FM until after you have graduated three or four years from now.

But like anything, understanding the system of education and how FM-specific courses can give you an advantage.

The IWFM 4 at Portobello Institute is a qualification course that lasts four months and begins on June 14th. The IWFM 4 itself is a valuable qualification for professionals working at an operational management level. Earning that qualification will open opportunities for you early in your career as an FM professional.

Having an IWFM 4 qualification also allows you advanced entry into Year 2 of the Level 8 BSc (Hons) in Facilities & Workplace Management.

Normally it takes three years to complete the Level 8 degree but if you do the IWFM 4 in June, then you can start in Year 2 of the Level 8 degree in October of this year. This is called advanced entry where you use your prior qualification instead of having to attend Year 1 of your degree.

Through advanced entry, you can graduate with a degree and an IWFM 4 qualification in less time than it would take to earn just the degree if you entered into Year 1 in October.

Accelerating the process of education doesn’t detract from what you will learn or the quality of your qualification/degree. It is simply a matter of smart scheduling.

Some of our incoming FM professionals won’t even need to do the IWFM 4 to advance into Year 2 of the degree course. Those with three years of Facilities Management experience can apply directly to the college for the Bridging Programme. This is a lighter course with only two modules.

The FM Bridge begins on July 26th so if you apply now to the IWFM 4 starting in June, you may discover that you can instead opt for the Bridge to follow the same path into Year 2 of your degree.

For more information on Facilities Management, you can visit the FM section of Portobello's Knowledge Zone. Or to learn more about our Facilities Management courses, you can visit the Facilities Management Department.

Facilities Management Course Advisor Sarah Regan is available to answer your emails at sarah.regan@portobelloinstitute.com or you can call her by phone on 01-892-0036.

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