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Portobello Institute Presents The Future of the Workplace post Covid-19

Image courtesy of the World Economic Forum

Portobello Institute presents The Future of the Workplace post Covid-19, a webinar hosted by Berka Solutions Managing Director and Portobello lecturer Bernard Mac Oscair.

Covid-19 is going to have a lasting impact on broader society. Even after our memories of the specific events of the last 16 months fade, the impact on the way we live will continue. Some routines we have adopted during the pandemic and some adjustments we have made will stick either consciously or subconsciously.

Your routine at home is largely up to you. But your routine at work is going to be clearly defined one way or another.

The World Economic Forum started The Great Reset initiative in 2020. Even before the full impact of the pandemic had been felt, there was recognition of the urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate in simultaneously managing the direct consequences of the Covid-19 crisis. It marked Covid-19 as a defining leadership and transformation moment to build on what was learned from the crisis and respond to the future of the work agenda.

In the White Paper published October 2020, the World Economic Forum stated that the Covid-19 pandemic would have profound, long-term consequences for global economies and societies.

These consequences are creating the opportunity and the responsibility for organizations to rethink their workplace structures, to invest in their workforces as core drivers of long-term resilience and future success. Prior to Covid-19, much of the conversation around the future of the workplace centred around automation.

Now the conversation has shifted.

Portobello Institute has shifted right with it.

On June 22nd, Managing Director of Berka Solutions and Facilities Management Lecturer at Portobello Institute Bernard Mac Oscair will lead an esteemed panel to discuss the future of the workplace after Covid-19.

Mac Oscair will be joined by four panellists:

  • Áine Mulcahy: Managing Director of One Complete Solution.
  • Grant Walford: Managing Director at Mitie.
  • Joan Mulvihill: Digitalisation Lead for Siemens Ireland.
  • Tomás Mac Eoin: CEO of Hereworks.

Áine Mulcahy has been the Managing Director of OCS One Complete Solution since August 2011. She has been working in different management roles since 1989 and has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and Management.

Grant Walford was appointed Managing Director of Mitie in March 2020. Mitie are the UK’s leading integrated facilities management and professional services company with expert capability in property management, energy, and healthcare solutions.

Joan Mulvihill spent seven years as the CEO of the Irish Internet Association before her expertise led her to become the Digitalisation Lead of Siemens. She received her Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies and Business Management from the University of Oxford in 1997.

Tomás Mac Eoin is the CEO of Hereworks and has been the Managing Director of the McKeon Group for more than 20 years. His original background and expertise is in IP Networks, Automation and RF Engineering. He has worked in Senior Director roles in several Internet Service Providers including Model Telecom and ICE Broadband.

Calling on their combined decades of experience in Facilities Management, their insight developed through experience and educational expertise, these four panelists will be exploring the different challenges and outlining the potential opportunities that could exist after Covid-19.

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Feature image courtesy of the World Economic Forum.

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