15 July, 2021

A Guide to the Different Types of Facilities Management Careers

When you are an accountant, everyone knows what you do. When you are a veterinarian, everyone knows ...
09 July, 2021

Facilities Management Jobs You Can Get after Completing an FM course

You can get different facilities management jobs after completing an FM course but for the most part...
07 July, 2021

The Benefits of Studying Facilities Management Courses

The benefits of studying Facilities Management courses are both immediate and sustaining. Education ...
06 July, 2021

The True Value of a Master's Degree

No matter where you look, the value of a master’s degree is obvious.
22 June, 2021

What is an IWFM Qualification?

IWFM is the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management. It has a worldwide membership of aroun...
07 June, 2021

Alternative Routes to Degrees from CAO Points for Leaving Certificate Students

Uncertainty and confusion reigned during the 2020 calendar year.
06 June, 2021

Tomás Mac Eoin on the future of the Workplace after Covid-19

The Future of the Workplace Post Covid-19.
31 May, 2021

Accelerating Education in Facilities Management with IWFM 4

Everything in Facilities Management for the foreseeable future is about change.
31 May, 2021

Living in a Van to go to College in Dublin? Not at Portobello Institute

Portobello Institute was built on the premise of making education accessible, we have set up our sch...
27 May, 2021

Portobello Institute Presents The Future of the Workplace post Covid-19

Portobello Institute presents The Future of the Workplace post Covid-19, a webinar hosted by Berka S...