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Alternative Routes to Physiotherapy

Alternative Routes to Physiotherapy

Portobello Institute has an alternative route for you if you want to become a physiotherapist. Point totals through the CAO for physiotherapy are typically very high. But the CAO isn't the only way into physiotherapy. Portobello's BSc in Sports Therapy is a Level 8 degree accredited by the University of Essex. It is a three-year programme that you can enter directly and study either in a full-time capacity or through flexible study at the weekends.

How does it work?

In 2020, Trinity College required 566 points to study Physiotherapy. That is a Level 8, four-year programme. The Level 8 BSc in Sports Therapy degree is a three-year honours degree programme, with a lot of crossover of content to Physiotherapy. As a result of the similarity in the curriculum, you can apply for a Master's in Physiotherapy after graduation.

Dan O'Mahony, a recent graduate of Portobello, has followed this path. He progressed directly to the Master's course in Physiotherapy at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI). Dan didn't know exactly what route he wanted to go in during his first year but was set up to pursue physiotherapy when he developed a passion for it during his second year at Portobello.

Once he knew what he wanted to be, Portobello guided him to attain his "ultimate career goal" by offering "extremely supportive lecturers" and developing his skills and knowledge in his preferred area of expertise.

Added Benefits of a BSc Sports Therapy degree

Studying Sports Therapy rather than physiotherapy alone during your three years at Portobello will give you a broader skill set and open more opportunities for you after graduation. It will be easier for you to own your own Sports Therapy clinic. Conor Shiels, another recent graduate of the Sports Therapy degree, has done just that.

Conor established his clinic shortly after graduating and has developed a growing client base.

Now working as Shamrock Rovers Senior Sports Therapist, Conor attributes his success to "three years of in-depth study and research" at Portobello. What he learned here allowed him to set up his own clinic in North Dublin.

Once qualified as a sports therapist, you are eligible to become a member of The Society of Sports Therapists (SST). SST members are recognised globally as highly trained therapists. They are employed by leading clubs around the world and are also eligible for special Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.


What will I learn in Portobello's BSc in Sports Therapy course?

This degree allows you to work at the highest level of sports performance. It is designed to teach you how to work with athletes who are striving for elite performance. We combined theory and practice so you will learn what therapies to apply, when to apply them and why you are applying them.

You will learn:

  • Fundamentals of anatomy and biomechanics
  • Principles for human physiology
  • Biomedical implications of exercise
  • Musculoskeletal injury mechanism and assessment
  • Sports massage and therapeutic modalities
  • Sports first aid and pitch side assistance
  • How to individually assess and treat athletes
  • How to provide immediate care of injuries
  • How to plan and implement a unique rehabilitation programme for each athlete
  • How to conduct sport and remedial massage for injury prevention and rehabilitation


How do I apply for this course?

We are accepting applications for this course today.

Follow these simple steps to apply

  • Step 1 - Complete the online booking form here.
  • Step 2 - We will contact you to confirm your details.
  • Step 3 - Confirmation of a place will be given to applicants who immediately meet the criteria

Don't despair if you don't meet the criteria. We will invite you to an interview to determine if you are suitable for the course. An offer of a place one the programme will be issued if you are successful.


I still have questions

For more information about our Sports Therapy course and the alternative routes to becoming a physiotherapist, you can talk to us. Johanna, one Sports course advisor, will happily take your call and answer any questions you have. You can call her at 01-892-0024. Or you can attend one of our upcoming virtual days where lecturers from the course, as well as Johanna, will be on hand to offer information and answer questions.

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