05 May, 2022 | Posted by Bernard MacOscair

eBook: Exploring How to Lead the Change in Sustainability in Facilities Management

eBook: Exploring How to Lead the Change in Sustainability in Facilities Management

The FM industry needs leaders to step forward to enable change that will allow it to become more sustainable and reduce its environmental impact.

While regulation will push organisations to meet compliance requirements, standards will provide frameworks for improvement and technology can enable real and tangible reductions in carbon, energy and waste, it is leadership that will drive financial support, organisational behaviours, urgency and the change management requires to meet sustainability targets.

The question is will client organisations step up and support the cost of change, or do service
providers need to adapt their value proposition and take a leading role?

Leading the Change in Sustainability in Facilities Management eBook Covers:

  • What do we now expect from leadership?
  • What is our corporate social responsibility (CSR)?
  • CSR Targets in the FM Industry
  • What are the benefits of CSR?
  • Agency Theory's impact on sustainability
  • How can leaders ensure sustainability goals and objectives are achieved?

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About the Author

Bernard Mac Oscair is a Senior Executive with a proven track record internationally in multisite and multidisciplinary Operational Excellence, Business Development, Project Management, Utilities and Facilities. Bernard is a lifelong student of organisational behaviour and operational excellence with over 15 years of experience in lecturing, training and development. He is the
Managing Director of Berka Solutions, holds an MBA in Knowledge Management and an MSc in Program Management. Read more about Bernard here.

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