19 July, 2022 | Posted by Colm McDonnell

Who Should Study a IWFM 5 Sustainability & Environmental Issues in FM Course?

The Level 5 IWFM course in Sustainability & Environmental Issues in FM course can be a very useful qualification for multiple reasons.

If you are an established industry professional in the facilities management space, but you feel you have hit a ceiling in terms of career progression, this course will help to diversify your skillset and give you knowledge on one of the most relevant and pressing topics in the facilities management sector today. Doing this course can open up avenues of work you may not have thought were available to you.

You will be able to take on additional responsibilities in your current role or even apply for new roles entirely with your new skill set based on sustainability and environmental issues.

Alternatively, you may be towards the start of your career in facilities management and have a keen interest in sustainability and environmental issues. So much so that you want to pursue roles that directly deal with these kinds of topics. In that case, then this course will also suit you as it will give you the edge in applying for positions that deal directly with sustainability and environmental issues.

This course works well as a complement to an existing degree in workplace and facilities management.


If you already work in the area of sustainability and environmental issues, in some capacity, and you’re looking to move into the facilities management space, this course will allow you to learn how your existing knowledge on sustainability can be applied to facilities management.

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