19 July, 2022 | Posted by Colm McDonnell

What Will You Learn from an IWFM 5 Sustainability & Environmental Issues in FM Course?

The topic of sustainability has become one of the most prominent in the facilities management industry over the last number of years. Organisations and governments across the globe are developing their own multi-point plans to hit specific targets in the coming years in order to make their activities more sustainable and slow down the effects of global warming.

This shift in conversation is now being reflected in FM education as the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management’s (IWFM) new level 5 course. The new qualification, IWFM 5 Sustainability & Environmental Issues, is being implemented into FM education to teach those in the industry the importance of sustainable practices.

Being able to develop and manage policy, consider the impact of facilities management function on the environment, and engage key stakeholders to adapt and adopt new processes are key skills covered during this short six-week course.

You will further develop skills such as critically analysing and problem-solving in the context of strategic decision making. Practical industry insights and presentations ensure that students are able to relate theory to real-life work scenarios.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Be able to develop and manage a policy that protects the environment and supports corporate responsibility.
    • Identify relevant legislation associated with sustainability & environmental issues
    • Undertake a review of the environmental hazards created by the operation of a business and the management systems used to control them
    • Develop policies to improve and protect the working environment
    • Explain how the policy will be managed
    • Analyse how the environmental policy contributes to an organisation’s corporate responsibility
  • Understand the impact of the facilities management function on the environment
    • Undertake a review of the impact of the facilities management function on the environment
    • Explain how the Facilities Manager will manage the outcome of the review
    • Research new and innovative developments in environmental management and make recommendations for an organisation
  • Be able to improve environmental awareness and corporate responsibility in facilities management
    • Investigate ways to increase the engagement of stakeholders
    • Undertake a range of strategies to increase awareness and involvement of key stakeholders in relation to environmental practices and sustainability
  • Be able to manage waste
    • Undertake a review of the methods and systems used to manage waste and evaluate to what extent these comply with legislation and best practice
    • Make recommendations to improve the management of waste

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