19 July, 2022 | Posted by Colm McDonnell

What Are The Career Opportunities for a Level 9 PGC Innovation for Sustainability in the Workplace graduate?

Sustainability has become central to the daily, monthly, and yearly goals of thousands of companies around the world. Environmental, Social and Governance or ESG is now one of the foremost guiding factors in a company’s decision-making process. Therefore, these companies need to have the sharpest minds in sustainability in the positions to make these decisions in order to make them as informed, educated, and decisive as possible.

Portobello Institute’s Level 9 Post Graduate Certificate in Innovation for Sustainability in the Workplace delivers a comprehensive education on contemporary sustainability issues, giving the graduate the most up-to-date information and skills needed to return to their employers or go to potential employers and immediately affect change from a sustainable point of view.

This is a uniquely designed programme, focusing on the innovation, design and implementation of a sustainability plan in the workplace. The skills acquired from this programme are designed to complement those working in facilities management, engineering, building management, real estate/property asset management and/or related areas. This programme facilitates graduates to advance their careers to make a real and measurable difference in improving the businesses and workplace environments they are involved in.

This course will also teach the core principles of being a leader in the workplace. As a leader advancing in your profession, the relevant knowledge, information and skills for dealing with the demand, challenges and opportunities of delivering sustainability in business environments are critical. Staying abreast of the changes at local, national and global levels is increasingly important to ensure leaders of workplace environments meet their responsibilities. This programme provides you with the skillset to progress the change needed for a sustainable environment that consequently will progress your career in such ways as leading your company's march towards more sustainable practices.

To find out more about our Level 9 PGC in Innovation for Sustainability in the Workplace, you can visit the course page.

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