11 January, 2023 | Posted by Michelle Hogan

How to Advance Your Career in the Aviation Sector

How to Advance Your Career in the Aviation Sector

Have you found yourself asking how to advance your career in the aviation sector? 

Most people reach a point in their life where they are no longer happy with the level their career is at and decide that they want to do something to advance their opportunities and increase their salary.

Remaining in the same sector while pivoting to a different area or moving up the management ladder is what people tend to set their sights on. This makes the best use of your experience and what you already know.

Many career opportunities await ambitious people seeking to advance their careers in the aviation industry.

Mechanics, maintenance professionals, and other workers in the airline industry can advance in several stages throughout their careers.

With a few years of exemplary work under their belt, the average mechanic can advance to a team leadership or crew management position. From there, managers and crew leaders can advance to facilities management positions. 

The importance of this sector cannot be overstated, one of the main reasons for this importance is the globalised nature of the industry, helping to connect different continents, countries and cultures. 

From cabin crew to ground crew staff, piloting to ticketing, the choice is yours. If you want to advance your career in the aviation sector, you may consider some of the following options. 

Stand Out From Your Peers  

In order to advance your career in the aviation sector you need to stand out from your peers, colleagues and others who may be applying for the same roles as you. How do you make yourself stand out? Ensuring that your resume is the strongest it can possibly be with strong work experience and the qualifications to back up your knowledge. That brings us to our next point.  

Upskill and Gain a Qualification 

In order to have the best CV or resume possible in the aviation sector you will need to gain the relevant qualifications to put you on top of the pile for job interviews and career progression. Higher level education like gaining a degree or master’s in aviation management not only shows that you have the knowledge and skills for the role but also that you are committed to this sector as your career of choice. 

Take the Lead and Learn How to Manage 

Advancing your role in any career often means taking on more management duties and responsibilities. Take every opportunity you can in your current role to display managerial qualities, showcase leadership skills and build your network of solid relationships in the sector. Show that you have the desire and interest to do more than your current position requires. Attend conferences, don’t be afraid to represent your company at an event, introduce yourself and speak with people who work in different areas of aviation to see if there is something you may be interested in pivoting to.  

Develop a Special Skill  

If you want to advance your career in aviation, developing a specific skill could land you a role in a niche area, advancing your career and increasing your salary as you become more valuable and harder to replace. This helps to set you apart from others. This could mean focusing on strategy, leadership and innovation for airlines or branching into environment economics and investment for aviation. The options are endless, keep in mind that developing a special skill will be easier if you are really interested in it from the offset. 

Advancing your career in the aviation sector is possible with hard work, commitment and the ambition to make it happen. 

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