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PE Certificates Aren't Just for Qualified Teachers

PE Certificates Aren't Just for Qualified Teachers

You don’t need to be a qualified teacher to apply for this course.

You do need to have a Level 8 undergraduate degree to apply for this course.

Portobello Institute has two Level 8 Certificates that cover all undergraduate degree holders. Sports graduates apply to the Certificate in Higher Education PE for Sports Graduates. Graduates from non-Sports courses apply to the Certificate in Higher Education PE for Qualified Teachers.

If you’re unsure about what category your degree would put you in, you can contact us to find out and we will help you onto the course you’re looking for.

The two courses run parallel to each other with mostly shared modules. The only difference between the two courses is two added modules for Qualified Teachers that Sports Graduates would have already studied in their initial undergraduate degree.

Both courses include:

  • Introduction to Athletics & Games for Physical Education
  • Introduction to Gymnastics & Dance for Physical Education
  • Applied Principles and Teaching for Adventure Activities
  • Applied Principles and Teaching for Aquatics
  • Advanced Pedagogy for Disability PE
  • Advanced Pedagogy for Health Promotion PE

Non-Sports Graduates add:

  • Human Anatomy & Biomechanics
  • Human Physiology and Training Principles

Both courses last eight months and graduates from each programme are awarded the same qualification upon course completion.

How do I apply for this course?

We are accepting applications for this course today. Follow these simple steps to apply:

Step 1 - Complete the online booking form found on the course page.

Step 2 - We will contact you to confirm your details.

Step 3 - Confirmation of a place will be given to applicants who immediately meet the criteria.

Get in Contact

If you'd like to read more about the sports degrees and qualifications we carry, you can visit the department page.

If you are interested in any of our sports courses or have any questions you can book a consultation call with our expert sports advisor Sharde Sebastian here, email sharde.sebastian@portobelloinstitute.com or call 01 892 0029. 

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