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Portobello Institute Supporting DEAR for Dyslexia: Drop Everything and Read!

Portobello Institute Supporting DEAR for Dyslexia: Drop Everything and Read!

How often do you read or encourage reading? Not a text message or an advertisement but actually sit down and read or take a book with you on a long journey? 

DEAR for Dyslexia stands for ‘Drop Everything and Read’ and it is a reading activity that has been popular in primary schools for over a decade but is relevant in all of our lives. 

It is an initiative to encourage everybody to take time out of their day to focus on reading and to understand and acknowledge the value and importance of this. 

This is all while raising awareness and understanding for people with low literacy, dyslexia and even other neurodiversity, DEAR can feel restrictive, or isolating - some people need support to read, some need different stimuli, and some simply don't read well in every environment. 

DEAR for Dyslexia is focused on developing a love of reading and breaking down the stigma that surrounds reading aids and assistive technology in the process.

It's not just about fostering a culture of reading in schools, although schools are very much encouraged to take part - it's about getting everybody reading, from the youngest learners still developing key literacy skills to students, people learning English, vulnerable adults, parents, and even educators themselves. 

It's all about finding ways to make reading time comfortable, unique, interpersonal, interesting and enjoyable, and opening up bigger conversations about literacy and accessibility as we come together as a society to create a more inclusive future.  

The aim is to see assistive tech-based reading time, supported reading time, group reading time, and creative reading time - reading time that celebrates how different and diverse we are, and that everybody, everywhere can join in with. 

DEAR for Dyslexia is part of the Succeed With Dyslexia movement to celebrate dyslexia at a global level. (dearfordyslexia.org)

What is Dyslexia?

People with dyslexia process written material differently. This makes it hard to recognise, spell, and decode words. It affects approximately 10% of the population. Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty affecting the acquisition of fluent and accurate reading and spelling skills. This occurs despite access to appropriate learning opportunities. People with dyslexia may also have accompanying learning strengths. (dyslexia.ie

Learning Support at Portobello Institute and Portobello Montessori School

Portobello Institute supports this initiative as we understand how everyone is different and learns in different ways. That’s why we focus on small class sizes and one-to-one tutor support for all our students. 

We understand that people learn in different ways, at different paces for different reasons and we nurture the one in everyone so each individual can fulfil their potential. 

The children at Portobello Montessori School are also getting involved this year, bringing their storytelling to life by acting out their favourite stories, more to come on this! 

DEAR for Dyslexia awareness takes place in March and April each year and there are a number of ways that you can get involved.  

You can… 

  • Link up with DEAR for Dyslexia on social media! Find them on YouTubeFacebookLinkedInTikTokTwitter and Instagram for the latest DEAR for Dyslexia news.
  • Subscribe to their Succeed With Dyslexia and DEAR for Dyslexia Newsletters!
  • Send them photos and videos of your favourite reads, reading spots and your family reading together to info@succeedwithdyslexia.com
  • Tag them using #SucceedWithDyslexia #DEARForDyslexia in your posts on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok
  • Share your most extreme reading locations (but stay safe out there!)
  • Show them the assistive tech that makes a difference in your life
  • And join in the fun reading challenges! 

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