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How to achieve a study - life balance

How to achieve a study - life balance

Study brings many advantages such as achievement of new knowledge and skills, the opportunity to enhance a career and connect with like-minded people. With the recent start of our next intake of Level 7 of degree learners its important for us to share our ethos on work life balance for adults before the course gathers pace. 

Study requires a real passion for and a keen desire to learn a particular subject matter, together with a strong sense of self-discipline. College is an experience like no other and every student is different. There are 3 main elements to a student’s life which is study, work and personal. Study may often be demanding but if you manage to find a balance you’ll get the chance to enjoy every aspect of your new experience to its fullest.  

Achieving a study life balance is important and essentially means structuring yourself so that you are optimising academic work while taking time to enjoy other aspects of life. Getting the right balance means that you can get the maximum benefit from time spent studying. Activities outside of study contribute positively to mental well being and also help manage stress levels. 


Some quick tips:

• Remember your strengths 
• Keep an updated realistic schedule 
• Create an effective study plan
• Manage and prioritise workloads 
• Learn the art of time management 
• Set yourself a weekly goal 
• Make time for yourself and make sure to get sufficient rest and exercise


Managing the multiple demands of a job, college and personal life can be challenging but once you learn to study effectively, keep organised, use your support systems and take valuable time out you will find the right balance for you. 

At Portobello Institute we fully support study life balance. We understand the importance of spending quality time with family, friends and enjoying past times while managing an adequate study balance.  Overall, we have found that our learners who achieve a good study life balance achieve more academically. 



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