15 September, 2022

Careers in Sports Management

Each year, the Dallas Cowboys rank as one of the most valuable sports franchises in the world.
14 September, 2022

What Jobs Can I Get with an Aviation Management Degree?

According to the Central Statistics Office, 4.7 million passengers passed through Ireland’s five mai...
14 September, 2022

5 Reasons A Sports Psychology Course Could Be The Right Choice For You

The benefits of completing Portobello Institute’s BSc (Hons) Sports Psychology, Coaching and PE degr...
14 September, 2022

An Insight into Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Courses

Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation is a growing career choice among those who want to spend their car...
01 September, 2022

How do you become a sports performance analyst?

20 years ago, a sports performance analyst was just a fan in the crowd. Someone who had an overactiv...
01 September, 2022

Alternative Routes to Physiotherapy

Portobello Institute has an alternative route for you if you want to become a physiotherapist. Point...
25 August, 2022

What is the Difference between Facilities Management and Property Management?

Most casual conversations won’t be derailed if you confuse facilities management with property manag...
25 August, 2022

How To Become a Qualified PE Teacher in Ireland

The days of skipping PE have come and gone. It was never officially allowed but everyone knew somebo...
20 July, 2022

Why Decision Making is Important in Facilities Management?

 You could probably ask most employers across any industry and they’ll say that one of the most desi...
19 July, 2022

Can I Study Physiotherapy After Studying a BSc in Sport & Exercise Science?

 Going down a route of a degree in Sport & Exercise Science can be an enticing prospect for mult...