26 February, 2021

Ready to Get Hands On With Play Therapy?

The Therapeutic Play Skills (TPS) Level 6 course at Portobello Institute allows learners to gain ins...
24 February, 2021

'Level 8 is the Way Forward as Our Sector is Becoming More Professionalised'

Whether it's a managerial role, future career opportunities, pursuing research or a huge sense of ac...
24 February, 2021

Why Do A Level 8 Degree in Early Childhood Studies?

The future of early years education is changing. The next couple of years will be crucial in develop...
18 February, 2021

Play Therapy in a Pandemic: More Referrals as Children Cope with Covid-19 Impact

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the lives of millions of people worldwide. There are few lives it...
17 February, 2021

What is Play Therapy and When is it Relevant?

Play Therapy is a therapeutic practice used as a means of helping children express or communicate th...
17 February, 2021

A Background in Montessori and Dealing With Tragedy Led Our Tutor to Play Therapy

The Therapeutic Play Skills (TPS) QQI Level 6 course at Portobello Institute allows learners to gain...
16 February, 2021

Why should I do a Level 7 in Early Years Education?

Are you considering a BA (Ord) Early Childhood Studies Level 7 in Early Years Education? 
09 February, 2021

Considering a career change into Special Needs Assisting?

Do you want a better work-life balance? A more family-focused lifestyle? Or are you seeking better j...
08 February, 2021

Instagram Live Circle Time? Portobello Montessori School leads the way for learning in lockdown

Circle time in a Montessori setting is a daily opportunity for children to express themselves, share...
07 September, 2020

Why should I continue to Level 8 in Early Years Education?

"All I need is a level 7 - Why would I want to continue to level 8?"