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The Business of Fashion Buying and Merchandising in Ireland

The Business of Fashion Buying and Merchandising in Ireland

Fashion buying and merchandising are key components of the fashion industry in Ireland. These areas involve the selection and purchase of clothing, accessories, and other fashion products, as well as the management of inventory, sales, and promotional activities.

In Ireland, the fashion buying and merchandising sector is diverse and dynamic, with a range of players including independent retailers, department stores, and online fashion retailers. 

Trend Forecasting

One of the most important aspects of fashion buying and merchandising in Ireland is trend forecasting.

This involves tracking fashion trends and predicting which styles, colours, and designs will be popular in the coming seasons.

Trend forecasting is essential for fashion buyers and merchandisers, as it enables them to make informed decisions about which products to purchase and promote.

This is particularly important in the fast-paced world of fashion, where trends can change quickly and unexpectedly. 

In Ireland, there are several organisations that provide trend-forecasting services to the fashion industry.

One of the most prominent is WGSN, which offers trend analysis and insights to retailers, designers, and manufacturers across the globe.

These services provide fashion buyers and merchandisers with valuable insights into upcoming trends, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve and maintain a competitive edge. 

Selection and Purchase of Products

Another important aspect of fashion buying and merchandising in Ireland is the selection and purchase of products.

Fashion buyers are responsible for sourcing and purchasing clothing, accessories, and other fashion products from manufacturers and wholesalers.

In Ireland, there are several fashion trade shows and exhibitions where buyers can view and purchase the latest collections from a range of suppliers.

Students who study with us at Portobello Institute get to experience tradeshows in London, Paris and Milan first-hand. 

One of the most important trade shows in Ireland is Showcase Ireland, which takes place annually in Dublin. This event brings together Irish designers and manufacturers, as well as international suppliers, to showcase the latest in Irish fashion and design.

Other trade shows in Ireland include the Dublin Fashion Festival, which showcases the latest trends and styles from leading Irish and international designers. 

Once products have been purchased, fashion merchandisers are responsible for managing inventory and sales.

This involves analysing sales data, forecasting demand, and determining the optimal product mix for each store or outlet.

Merchandisers also play a key role in pricing and promotional activities, ensuring that products are priced competitively and that promotional campaigns are effective in driving sales. 

Where do fashion buyers and merchandisers work?

In Ireland, there are key retailers and department stores that employ fashion buyers and merchandisers.

These include leading fashion retailers such as Brown Thomas, Arnotts, Primark, and Pamela Scott as well as independent boutiques and online retailers.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards online fashion retailing in Ireland, with new e-commerce platforms emerging to meet the demand for online shopping. 

In conclusion, with the continued growth of the fashion industry in Ireland, it is clear that fashion buying and merchandising will remain a key area of focus for the industry in the years ahead.

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