29 June, 2022 | Posted by Colm McDonnell

What are the Career Opportunities for an MSc in Facilities & Workplace Management Graduate?

The opportunities for career progression upon completion of the MSc in Facilities & Workplace Management are vast.

Employers in facilities management are always looking for the best in class, those with the most substantial level of educational and professional experience. This programme will put you firmly in that class.

This MSc in Facilities & Workplace Management was developed in response to growing industry demand for graduates with a suitable range of skills and knowledge.

Specialist FM expertise is not enough, FMs also need to be creative thinkers, problem solvers, deadline-driven and with a strategic mindset – this is the kind of approach we encourage and help you to develop.

This master's qualification adds credibility to your existing qualifications, knowledge and experience.

Facilities Management professionals are required in all sectors of global economies from airports and other infrastructure to leisure facilities, commercial organisations, consultancies, property companies, Integrated FM providers and local and national governments.

All of these industries require people with the most relevant qualifications. The MSc in Facilities and Workplace Management is exactly that.

A qualification like this will allow you to climb the ladder either within your own company or with another. It will make more prestigious roles far more attainable. You will be in a good position to apply for and get high-ranking managerial roles in some of the most reputable companies across the globe.


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