20 July, 2022 | Posted by Colm McDonnell

Why Decision Making is Important in Facilities Management?

 You could probably ask most employers across any industry and they’ll say that one of the most desirable attributes in an employee is assertiveness and the ability to make a decision. This is no different in the facilities management industry where serious consequences can rely on a single decision.

Previously we have looked at the role that reactive and preventative action holds in the FM space and decision-making plays a key role in both of them.

When taking preventative action, decision-making takes on a more long-term focus. Those making the decisions will have more time to consider their options from many different angles such as cost, safety, efficiency etc. While there is less immediate pressure on the decision at the time of making it, should something go wrong in a shorter space of time than was budgeted for, the person who made the decision in the first place will be under pressure to explain any negative or unexpected outcome.

An example of this is if a new piece of long-term equipment such as a new boiler was fitted, with the aim of not being replaced for 25 years, and it then malfunctions after just three years.

Reactive action requires a different kind of decision-making but is equally desired by employers. When taking reactive action, you need to be able to make quick decisions under pressure in order to provide a solution to the problem at hand before it gets any worse. It requires a high level of decisiveness and knowledge as the reaction can’t just be quick, it must be correct.

If we take our earlier example of the boiler. You have just gotten a new boiler. You are not expecting any issues with it for many years to come. Then one day you see that it is leaking. You must be able to take quick, decisive, and correct action in order to stop the problem from getting bigger and possibly putting people in harm’s way.

Beyond reactive and preventative action, facilities managers have a wealth of important decisions to make, and they take a certain type of person to make them effectively. Invariably, facilities managers can have large teams and possibly a portfolio of buildings under their guidance and they will have to make many important decisions that will define how they are looked after.

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