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What do you Learn During an MSc in Sports Performance Analysis?

A Master's in Sports Performance Analysis isn't just about sports or data—it's a multidisciplinary program. You'll gain insights into various fields such as sports science, data analytics, biomechanics, psychology, and computer science, enhancing your breadth of knowledge. 

The sports industry's increasing reliance on data means more opportunities for performance analysts. Having a master's under your belt can set you apart from other job applicants and accelerate your career progression. 

By equipping you with specialist skills and comprehensive knowledge, it paves the way for a rewarding and dynamic career in the sports industry.  

Whether your dream is to work with elite athletes, contribute to groundbreaking research, or start your own sports analytics company, this degree could be your springboard to success. 

Defining Sports Performance Analysis

Sports performance analysis is a specialised branch of sports science dedicated to the study, assessment, and improvement of individual and team performance in various sports. It involves the systematic recording, dissecting, and interpretation of performance data to understand and enhance the techniques, tactics, physical attributes, and psychological aspects of an athlete or a team.

Portobello Institute offers an MSc in Sports Performance Analysis. On this programme you will learn: 

  • Biomechanical Analysis for Sports Performance - This module focuses on motion capture and movement analysis backed up by other biomechanical analysis techniques including ecological measures and the use of force platforms.  
  • Notational Analysis for Sports Performance - This module focuses on the development of transferable skills, critical thinking, and proficiency in data analysis and assimilation. The module provides in-depth information on common hardware and software used in the analysis of performance in sports (Dart Phish, Performance Sport). 
  • Performance Analysis for Individual Sports – Explore the theoretical and practical knowledge for conducting needs analysis for individuals and sports, designing and implementing analysis for performance and related parameters in individual sports. 
  • Performance Analysis for Team Sports – Explore the theoretical and practical knowledge for conducting needs analysis for pitch-based team sports, designing and implementing analysis for performance and related parameters in intermittent pitch-based performance sports. 
  • Personal and Professional Development - This module extends students’ learning experience by providing them with an opportunity to reflect on, and evaluate, their personal experiences of a given employment related to their area of academic study. 
  • Research Methods for Sports Performance Analysis - The module is designed to provide students with an understanding of the skills needed for planning, organisation, and practice of research in health sciences.
  • Sports Performance Analysis Dissertation - Reinforces the skills necessary to carry out a scientific programme requiring significant research. It will allow students to demonstrate the final development of their subject knowledge, skills, and understanding through extended research based on laboratory, literature or fieldwork.

 A sports performance analysis qualification equips you with a unique skill set that not only has high transferability across different sectors but also aligns with the future direction of the sports industry.

The growing demand for performance analysts in the sports sector ensures that a Master's in Sports Performance Analysis can offer strong career prospects.  

As the sports industry continues to embrace data-driven decision-making, those equipped with the skills to extract, analyse, and interpret performance data will be indispensable. 

Joe Walsh has been working as a rugby coach and performance analyst since 2015. Using self-taught analysis techniques so far in his career, he decided it was time to add an MSc in Sports Performance Analysis to his qualifications with Portobello Institute.

Currently wearing three hats as an SCT (1st XV) Head Coach at The Kings Hospital School, MU Barnhall U20s Assistant Head Coach & Lead Forwards Coach and Head of Performance Analysis at Rugby Academy Ireland, Joe is balancing his workload and study with the flexible blended learning delivery at Portobello Institute.

“The content is incredibly relevant to the industry in my opinion based on my experience to date. The workload has been really manageable and lectures have been incredibly helpful in providing feedback and guidance on their completion and how to achieve the best marks. 

“The real-world experience of the lecturers makes the information particularly relevant as they can back this up with examples of how they have carried out successfully or unsuccessfully themselves in the past. You do feel like you are in safe hands with the lecturers but also that you can connect with them on an interpersonal level as well as simply receive information from them," he said. 

If you are interested in learning more, read our article to discover sports performance analysis in your sports science career.

Portobello Institute offers a BSc (Hons) in Sports and Exercise Science to begin your career in sports science and an MSc in Sports Performance Analysis to accelerate your career to the next level. 

If you are interested in any of our sports courses or have any questions you can book a consultation call with our expert sports advisor Jason Lester, email jason.lester@portobelloinstitute.com or call 01 892 0029. 

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