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What is an IWFM Qualification?

IWFM Qualifications Facilities Management

IWFM is the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management. It has a worldwide membership of around 14,000 as the body for workplace and facilities professionals. It was established in 2018 to empower and enable professionals to reach their full potential and have a rewarding and impactful career.

Portobello Institute delivers different facilities management courses that award IWFM qualifications. IWFM recognizes and awards these qualifications internationally.

By delivering IWFM qualifications, Portobello are assuring that their students’ work is acknowledged and their pathways to promotions after graduation are clear. We offer an IWFM Level 3 qualification, an IWFM Level 4 qualification and an IWFM Level 5 qualification.

Each of these courses are for facilities management professionals but each course offers different outcomes and is for different students. IWFM 3 for example is an introductory course for those who have no experience in facilities management.

IWFM 3 can open doors for a student to go into another course or qualify them for career opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have been available.

At Portobello, we offer IWFM qualifications that range from 3-5 as well as a Level 8 BSc degree in Facilities and Workplace Management and a Level 9 MSc degree in Facilities and Workplace Management. The Level 8 and Level 9 degrees are for students with significant experience in education and in the workplace.

The highest-paid professionals in Facilities Management hold degrees but they all had to start with qualifications.

That is what makes an IWFM qualification so appealing.

Not only do you upskill and earn more money in the short term, you set yourself up to maximize your financial reward and career fulfilment over the long term.


IWFM Level 3 Certificate

Who is this for?

The IWFM Level 3 qualification is aimed at those starting out on the career and knowledge path of Facilities Management. This programme is also suitable for first-line managers and supervisors seeking to develop their skills and gain a recognised qualification in facilities management.

Career Progression?

An IWFM qualification enables career progression and improves your earning potential within the industry. It is a nationally and internationally recognised qualification in the field of facilities management that enhances your credibility in the workplace. This qualification will provide you with knowledge and skills that are aligned to the professional standards of IWFM.

Benefits of IWFM 3?

  • Understand the different functions of facilities management and how they cross over
  • Understand how to address complex problems
  • Gain confidence to undertake responsibility for facilities management tasks

What will I learn?

  • Understanding facilities management within the context of an organization
  • Managing and developing relationships in the workplace
  • Delivering service in the workplace
  • Managing and maintaining property and assets
  • Working with costs and budgets in a facilities management environment
  • Understanding the role of leadership and management in a facilities management context


IWFM Level 4 Diploma

Who is this for?

Forward-looking Operational Managers are ideal candidates for an IWFM Level 4 Diploma. Our Level 4 qualification will give you a broad understanding of the profession and provide the skills needed to complete complex, non-routine tasks within workplace and facilities management. It’s for you if you work at an operational management level or if you are aspiring to these roles so you want to stretch and develop your knowledge and capability.

Career Progression?

IWFM 4 is a four-month course that allows the graduate to quickly upskill and qualify for new opportunities in their career. It is a four-month course that also allows the graduate to earn advanced entry into Year 2 of the BSc (Hons) Facilities and Workplace Management degree. Advanced entry means you can skip Year 1 and complete a three-year degree course in less than two years.

Who can do this course?

Although there are no set entry criteria, you will probably have a background in facilities management or related fields.

You are likely to be responsible for managing:

  • Day-to-day operations (in-house or outsourced)
  • A range of support services
  • Contractors and key supplier relationships
  • Budgets – Health and Safety
  • Facilities Management projects

What will I learn?

  • Enable the critical evaluation of operational and strategic facilities management
  • Equip students to develop and apply effective strategies for managing people in facilities management
  • Develop an understanding of the importance of risk management in facilities management
  • Deliver an understanding of financial management in facilities management
  • Practical assessment tasks that are work-based reflecting live business projects and activities are the core assessment techniques used for this qualification


IWFM Level 5 Diploma

Who is this for?

Middle and Senior Mangers are ideal candidates for this course. The IWFM Level 5 qualification in Facilities Management is typically for those working at middle to senior management level who are responsible for more specialised and complex functions. It is also suitable for those aspiring to achieve these roles and looking towards self development.

Roles that suit this course?

  • Single or multi-site operations
  • Hard and/or soft service provision
  • Partner relationships
  • Performance management
  • Major projects with capital spend
  • Compliance in health and safety and other key critical legislation
  • Financial management

Benefits of IWFM 5

  • Learn how to manage major projects with capital spend
  • Understand how to address complex problems
  • Develop skills required to manage multi-site operations

What will I learn?

  • Enable the critical evaluation of operational and strategic facilities management
  • Equip students to develop and apply effective strategies for managing people in facilities management
  • Develop an understanding of the importance of risk management in facilities management
  • Develop an understanding of financial management in facilities management
  • Assessment criteria


Portobello Institute is the only college in Ireland that offers a BSc and MSc in Workplace and Facilities Management. Our Facilities Management department has vast experience in delivering facilities management education.

Our tutors are experienced experts and working professionals at the highest levels in the Facilities Market.

If you would like a better understanding of what course best suits you at Portobello Institute, you can talk to our FM Course Advisor Sarah Regan.

Sarah can be reached on 01-892-0036 or by email at Sarah.Regan@portobelloinstitute.com.

For more articles on Facilities Management topics, you can explore our Knowledge Zone.

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