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What Type of Job you Could Get With an Airline, Airport and Aviation Management Degree

What Type of Job you Could Get With an Airline, Airport and Aviation Management Degree

It's an industry that touches the lives of millions daily, it's a realm where science meets thrill - welcome to the world of aviation.

Embark on a journey with us to discover the myriad of opportunities that an Airline, Airport, and Aviation Management degree can offer.

A degree in Aviation Management opens up an expanse of career possibilities that are as broad as the sky itself.

You could find yourself managing intricate logistics, coordinating air traffic, or even running an entire airport. Let's take a closer look at the exciting career paths this degree can prepare you for.

Aviation Operations Specialist

As an Aviation Operations Specialist, you'd play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of airlines and airports. You would be responsible for making key decisions, including dispatching flights, managing crew schedules, and resolving any issues that could impact airline operations. These professionals are the backbone of an airline, ensuring the safety and efficiency of each flight.

Airport Manager

Stepping into the shoes of an Airport Manager, you would oversee the daily operations of an airport. From supervising staff and coordinating airport security to liaising with airlines and ensuring passenger satisfaction, this role requires a dynamic leader who can juggle various responsibilities.

Airline Corporate Management

Here's an opportunity for those attracted to the strategic side of business: Airline Corporate Management. These executives make key decisions that affect an airline's profitability and growth. They develop strategies for pricing, marketing, and operations. With this career path, your Aviation Management degree could lead you straight to the boardroom.

Tara Finn is Head of Aviation Business Development at Cork Airport and is currently studying for her MSc in Aviation Management at Portobello Institute.

Air Traffic Controller

For those with a knack for precision and excellent decision-making skills, becoming an Air Traffic Controller can be a fulfilling career choice. Responsible for managing the flow of airplanes in and out of the airport, ensuring safety on the tarmac, and coordinating takeoff and landing procedures, Air Traffic Controllers keep the skies safe.

Aviation Consultant

If problem-solving is your forte, consider a career as an Aviation Consultant. These professionals are hired by airlines and airports to solve complex problems and improve operations. They use their knowledge of the industry to make recommendations on everything from cost reduction to improving customer experience.

Aviation Safety Inspector

For those with a passion for safety and regulation, the role of an Aviation Safety Inspector could be a perfect fit. You'd ensure compliance with federal aviation regulations, inspect aircraft, and conduct safety checks to protect passengers and crew members.

Airline Revenue Manager

Airline Revenue Managers use pricing strategies and analytical skills to drive ticket sales and increase an airline's profitability. They're responsible for setting prices and managing available seating inventory to optimise revenue.

Flight Dispatcher

Flight Dispatchers share equal responsibility with the Captain for the safety and operational control of flights under their guidance. They provide the pilot with a flight plan, and during the flight, they remain in constant communication with the pilots to update them on conditions such as weather changes.

Logistics and Supply Chain Manager

In this role, you'd manage supply chain processes for airlines or airports, ensuring resources, products, and services get where they need to be when they need to be there. This could involve anything from spare parts for aircraft to onboard food and beverages.

Environmental Coordinator

An Environmental Coordinator ensures that airlines or airports comply with environmental regulations. They work on initiatives to reduce noise and air pollution, manage waste, and create more sustainable operations.

Aviation Lawyer

For those interested in law, becoming an Aviation Lawyer could be a fascinating choice. These professionals deal with issues related to air travel, including airline contracts, regulatory requirements, and even aircraft accident investigations.

Human Resources Manager

HR Managers in the aviation sector handle employee relations for airlines or airports. They manage recruitment, training, and benefits, and ensure company policies align with labour laws.

Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Managers ensure a positive experience for passengers. They develop customer service policies, manage customer complaints, and lead teams to deliver high-quality service.

Aerospace Project Manager

In this role, you'd manage projects related to the design and production of aircraft and related technology. It's a role that combines technical knowledge with project management skills.

Airline Route Planner

Airline Route Planners strategise the most efficient and profitable routes for airlines to operate. They consider factors like fuel costs, aircraft availability, and passenger demand.

Aviation Policy Analyst

Policy Analysts in the aviation industry examine regulatory policies and their impact on the sector. They may work for governmental bodies or private organisations, influencing the direction of aviation-related regulations.

The aviation industry is dynamic, evolving, and absolutely vital to our interconnected world.

An Airline, Airport, and Aviation Management degree is your ticket to embark on an exciting career journey in this sector.

These roles we've explored are just the beginning; the sky is truly the limit when it comes to job opportunities in aviation.

Remember, choosing a career path is not just about finding a job. It's about discovering a passion that motivates you to soar to new heights. And in the field of aviation, those heights are quite literal.

If you are interested in choosing the course for the career you want, you can book a consultation call with our expert aviation advisor Brandon McLean here, email brandon.mclean@portobelloinstitute.com or call 01 892 0035. 

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