02 December, 2022 | Posted by Colm McDonnell

What will you Learn from an MSc Aviation Management degree?

MSc in Aviation Management

An MSc in Aviation Management is an innovative master’s programme that focuses on e-commerce and e-strategies for managing in the world of aviation.

This programme will develop critical and practical skills applied in the field of aviation management.

You will be equipped for management and leadership within the aviation sector, which ranges from operational management, strategic overview and planning, regulations and compliance and financial management.

Cultivating strategic thinking is a core theme and the programme is taught from this perspective. Tutors are experienced industry leaders, ensuring the relevance of the content to the aviation sector.

Graduates can immediately implement their learning and make a positive impact on the success of their working environment.

During this Master's programme, you will learn about the latest systems and technologies of aviation, ensuring you have the most up-to-date knowledge, in a sector that’s constantly evolving.

You will learn about the concept of e-commerce within aviation management and the impact the digital age will continue to have on the strategic activities of airlines and airports.

You will learn about leadership and strategic management theories and further develop your leadership skills through the application of theory to practice.

Studying project management and developing the ability to create, manage and close projects effectively is an important skill developed during this programme.

Making use of project management software is another key skill you will develop. You will be introduced to the different theories, methodologies and data sources which will allow you to monitor and understand the logistical strategies developed by the major global producers and consumer goods intermediaries.

Exploring the sustainability context, and how business practices will need to evolve to reflect the realities of operating within a globalised trading system that is striving to apply sustainability principles is a key benefit of studying this programme. This is an important area of increasing scrutiny for airlines and airports.

Learning to evaluate the complex range of financial issues that airline managers have to address to ensure a sustainable business in the long term and how to manage the critical aspects of negative financial exposure that are common in the sector.

Students will further develop skills such as critically analysing and problem-solving in the context of strategic decision-making. Practical industry insights and presentations ensure that students relate theory to real-life work scenarios.

This MSc degree programme is designed to encourage student interaction and contribution by developing their ability to work independently, in proposing and developing solutions to problems in a systematic and effective manner, and in communicating confidently and clearly both in writing and verbally.

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