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What will you Learn from an MSc Clinical Exercise Prescription?

 Declining quality of life and physical function are afflictions endured by those living with chronic health conditions across the globe. Clinical Exercise Prescription can ease the pain patients deal with.

Safe and effective clinical exercise prescription has proven to have a great impact on those living with chronic health conditions. Treating those individuals is a continuous responsibility for clinical exercise prescription graduates. Physical activity can be used to prevent, treat, and manage a range of chronic health conditions after consideration of the target individual’s health status, baseline fitness, goals, and preferences.


What is Clinical Exercise Prescription?

Clinical Exercise Prescription allows us to understand the exercise capacity of the individual and where the benefit lies for each specific case in terms of frequency, intensity, type, and time will create the most effective treatment. This clinical exercise prescription course will enable practitioners from allied health professions to prescribe exercise for the purposes of disease prevention and disease management in a safe and scientific manner. Students will engage in an evidence-based, clinically focused online learning experience that is globally relevant to reflect the increasing public health demand for clinical exercise prescription.

Taking place over three academic semesters, the aim of this course is to provide additional upskilling to individuals who are interested in progressing their careers in public health and preventative health domains through clinical exercise prescription.

As a Clinical Exercise Prescription student, you will study the foundational physiology of exercise for health promotion and disease management. You will study a broad range of pathophysiology and develop in-depth knowledge of the biomedical implications of exercise. You will develop the knowledge and skills required to design and deliver safe, evidence-based exercise interventions for specific patient populations. You will learn about the public health challenges that we face globally and the role that exercise can play in preventative management.


The modules you will study in this master’s degree programme are:

  • Applied clinical exercise physiology
  • Clinical exercise prescription for cardiorespiratory populations
  • Clinical exercise prescription across the life-span (paediatrics, geriatrics and pregnancy)
  • Clinical exercise prescription for musculoskeletal rehabilitation
  • Clinical exercise prescription for special populations (oncology, endocrinology, neurology)
  • Psychosocial factors in Clinical Exercise Prescription
  • Research Methods in Clinical Exercise
  • Dissertation in Clinical Exercise Prescription


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