29 June, 2022 | Posted by Colm McDonnell

Who Should Study a BSc (Hons) in Facilities & Workplace Management?

Are you interested in advancing your career in facilities management with a BSc in Facilities and Workplace Management?

This honours degree has been designed by Portobello Institute to support you to gain a recognised industry-specific degree, giving credibility to the knowledge you hold and building on this so you can advance your career.

This course offers you flexible learning, so you can study in a place of your choosing in your own time.

This course is designed for those students seeking to progress their careers in the field of facilities management.

The content of this degree will equip you with an in-depth knowledge of the industry. You will study a range of modules considering the fundamentals and operational dynamics alongside the main principles of facilities management.

Modules such as Decision Making and Workplace Operations Management in year 1 through to Risk Management and Budgeting in year 2 right through to  Strategic Management in Facilities Management provide you with strong foundations to build and advance your career in the FM and related sectors.

If you are an established FM professional, working long hours, trying to progress in your career and hitting a ceiling, this course will suit you.

We understand the educational needs of those working in the FM sector, and the challenges of working long hours in a demanding role, whilst trying to balance home life.

This degree and mode of learning are ideally suited to you and will support you to achieve the qualifications you need to progress in your career.

Supported seminars are delivered by webinars, over the weekend, with one-to-one support available to you throughout your learning journey. Attendance at supported seminars is not mandatory however active participation is recommended to support optimum personal learning and academic outcomes.

Perhaps you have already been doing FM education for a number of years and looking to make the step up. This degree is perfect for those who have gone through the IWFM qualifications and are now looking to add a Level 8 degree to their CV.


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