05 February, 2021 | Posted by Michelle Hogan

Why study a Level 6 SNA course?

Special Needs Assisting Level 6 Portobello Institute

Do you want to increase your employment opportunities, deepen your knowledge and gain real-life experience in special needs education?

Completing a QQI level 6 Special Needs Assistant course at Portobello Institute will help you to to stand out on hiring panels, gain new perspectives in education and lead to new opportunities. 

This is according to experts in the field, teachers in ASD units and graduates of Portobello Institute.

Employment opportunities

Standards and expectations are high in the special needs education sector. According to Portobello Institute SNA Tutor, Clare Bowman, having a level 6 qualification puts you a cut above the rest in the hiring process.

“I have been on a couple of panels where SNAs are being hired and principals are impressed by the level 6.

"I definitely think it makes an applicant stand out based on how they have furthered their knowledge of special educational needs, and gained more experience in the area,” she said.

Work Experience

Recent level 6 graduate, Sarah, has secured a job in a mainstream school where she carried out her work placement as part of the course.

"Doing level 6 allowed me to carry out additional work placement hours. This turned out to be extremely beneficial for me as I was offered a job before the course ended. I don't think the offer would have been there for me if I had stopped at Level 5,” Sarah said.

"Level 6 definitely deepens your knowledge and makes you look at special needs from a different perspective, for example the assessment process versus care needs. Understanding assessment process has helped me in my job in a mainstream school,” she added.

Prepared for the job

Sandra, a teacher in an ASD class, said the work experience in level 6 prepares SNA's for the job. 

"Level 6 applicants definitely appear to have a broader knowledge of issues surrounding special educational needs. We are always happy to accept level 6 students in for placements as they just seem to be so much more prepared for the job,” she said.

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