16 December, 2022 | Posted by Michelle Hogan

Benefits of Further Studies in Aviation

The benefits of further studies in aviation are similar to the benefits of further studies across a wide range of sectors involving leadership, management and business.  

Further studies such as post-graduate diplomas or master’s provide the academic knowledge and skills to pursue global career opportunities and help you develop a broad understanding of businesses and specific areas such as finance and human resources. 

If you are looking for a way to increase your opportunities and salary while branching into management, leadership or a specific area, further education can help to get you there.  

Often employers will view qualifications as a non-negotiable must-have and you simply either do or do not have the required qualifications.  

In aviation, in some cases, experience trumps qualifications, but experience and qualifications together trump everything. 

We live and work in a time where job security no longer comes from being employed, but from being employable. So, how do you remain employable in today’s fast-changing aviation sector? 

The aviation sector is going through a period of unprecedented change and there is no end in sight to these developments. With these changes comes a need for companies to employ people with different skill sets and simply “staying current” is no longer enough. If you want to keep your career path on an upward trajectory and capitalise on the opportunities these changes present, you need to keep your skills and knowledge at the forefront of these changes. 

The benefits of further studies in aviation include: 

  • Grow Your Income with Continuing Education 
  • Continuing Education Leads to Better Networking 
  • Professional Development for Better Job Opportunities 
  • Climb the Career Ladder through Continuing Education 
  • Stay Sharp and Healthy Inside and Outside the Office 

Aviation is a broad industry and there are already skills shortages in some areas such as AI, big data, and green tech. The people who have invested in themselves and are upskilled in these areas now command the top salaries and have the pick of the opportunities. 

Upskilling with further education in aviation can allow you to pivot your career from something you have always done to something new, refreshing your career and future. Further studies can give you a new lease of life in the career you want.  

Education is now more accessible than ever, with online learning meaning that you don’t need to take time off work to complete further studies. You can study from the comfort of your home office or hotdesk while you continue to work and manage family life too.  

Further studies don’t always have to be about learning new skills and knowledge, it can be about improving or building upon the skills and knowledge you already have, including your own soft skills.  

In today’s aviation sector if you want to put your career on a management or leadership track, having great soft skills is no longer desirable in the eyes of an employer, but essential and could make the difference between securing that next great role or promotion.

Employers are increasingly recognising the importance promoting a continuous learning culture plays in both attracting and retaining talent, and the best companies are bridging the skills gap by investing in upskilling their own people before going to market.  

New generations entering the aviation sector have more career choices than ever before and opportunities for personal development will figure high on their agenda. 

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