29 August, 2022

Play Therapy in a Pandemic: More Referrals as Children Cope with Covid-19 Impact

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the lives of millions of people worldwide. There are few lives it...
29 August, 2022

What is Play Therapy and When is it Relevant?

Play Therapy is a therapeutic practice used as a means of helping children express or communicate th...
29 August, 2022

How a Background in Montessori and Dealing with Tragedy Led to a Career in Play Therapy

The Therapeutic Play Skills QQI Level 6 course at Portobello Institute allows learners to gain insig...
29 August, 2022

Why Study a BA (Ord) Early Childhood Care and Education Level 7 Degree?

The Early Childhood Care and Education sector in Ireland continues to become an increasingly graduat...
29 August, 2022

Benefits of a Career Change to Special Needs Assisting

Do you want to follow your passion to work in something new? Take control of a better work-life bala...
29 August, 2022

Why should I continue to Level 8 in Early Childhood Care and Education?

"All I need is a level 7 - Why would I want to continue to level 8?"
29 August, 2022

Transitions in Early Childhood - Making the First Days of Preschool a Success

Those first days and weeks at preschool can be very unsettling for young children where everything i...
29 August, 2022

STEAM in Early Years: The Benefits of Music on Children's Wellbeing

Using music as a tool to support development and wellbeing in the early years setting can have socia...
25 August, 2022

What can you do with an Early Childhood Care and Education degree?

The early childhood care and education sector in Ireland and worldwide is rapidly changing. This is ...
05 August, 2022

Not Happy With CAO Round Zero Offers? Consider Portobello Institute for Direct Application

Are you feeling lost or confused after CAO offers haven't gone your way? At Portobello Institute you...