03 September, 2021

Lecturer's Journey From Leaving Cert Disappointment to Three First-Class Honours Degrees

Life circumstances were not conducive to Portobello Institute Lecturer, Samantha Cooney, achieving h...
01 September, 2021

Alternative Routes to College Degrees and Careers in Sports For Leaving Cert Students

Missing out on your college course because of CAO points won't prevent you from going to college.
01 September, 2021

Options For Leaving Cert Students That Don’t Need CAO Points

Today can feel like the biggest day of your life. And for many Leaving Cert students, it will feel l...
26 August, 2021

Adaptability and the Need for Educational Opportunities - Dr. Orlagh Farmer on Being a PE Teacher

Dr. Orlagh Farmer will be our special guest speaker at Portobello Institute’s Changing the Game: The...
24 August, 2021

Dr. Orlagh Farmer's Journey Through Physical Education and Sports Research

Dr. Orlagh Farmer will be our special guest speaker at Portobello Institute’s Changing the Game: The...
23 August, 2021

Portobello Institute Welcomes Dr. Orlagh Farmer to 'Changing the Game: The Future of PE' Webinar

Portobello Institute is at the forefront of Physical Education in Ireland.
23 August, 2021

Andy Reid on The Value of His Education in Coaching

“It puts a different spin on it. It opens it up completely.” Andy Reid discusses the value of his co...
20 August, 2021

Portobello Institute Staff Boast Wide-Ranging Sports Psychology Expertise

Mental health has always been a vitally important aspect of all areas of society. But it’s also prev...
19 August, 2021

I'm an Undergraduate: How Do I Qualify to Teach PE?

Physical Education has been a Leaving Certificate subject in Ireland since 2018. It was initially on...
19 August, 2021

The Value of a Certificate in Higher Education for PE Teaching

When Niall Moyna spoke to Anna Geary on RTE's documentary 'Why Girls Quit Sport' in July, he said th...