12 May, 2021

What Careers are Available with a Clinical Exercise Prescription Qualification?

Back in 2016, the World Health Organization published the European Physical Activity for Health Stra...
11 May, 2021

Could Adding PE be the Key to Your Job Security as a Teacher?

Teaching is a popular profession. The opportunity to develop young minds and inspire children who ca...
05 May, 2021

Micheál Martin on the Need for Qualified PE Teachers in Ireland

“You’re going to need that.”
04 May, 2021

How To Become a Qualified PE Teacher in Ireland

The days of skipping PE have come and gone. It was never officially allowed but everyone knew somebo...
20 April, 2021

The IRFU and Irish Rugby's Path To Professionalism in Women's Rugby

France’s first try against Ireland last weekend was easily avoided.
19 April, 2021

What Education do you Need to be a Physical Therapist?

Qualified physical therapists are an essential part of any professional sports team or organization....
16 April, 2021

Sports Therapy's Value in Treating Concussion

Concussions have become a larger part of the conversation around sports and a greater emphasis for r...
15 April, 2021

Performance Technology Has Proved Essential in the GAA Despite Debate

The government didn’t give the GAA special dispensation to continue through Level 5 restrictions the...
14 April, 2021

Sports Therapy, Return to Play and Re-Injury Risk

Thomas Davis was an America Football linebacker for the Carolina Panthers.
13 April, 2021

The Biomechanical Differences Between Men and Women in Sports

Snapping your fingers is a small, simple movement.