09 March, 2021

PE Certificates Aren't Just for Qualified Teachers

We must admit…we made a mistake.
08 March, 2021

The Olympic Games 2021: Supporting Athletes Through Disrupted Preparation

It takes a lot to cancel the Olympic Games.
05 March, 2021

Careers in Sports Management

Each year, the Dallas Cowboys rank as one of the most valuable sports franchises in the world.
03 March, 2021

How Hydrotherapy Became Aoife Fleming's Career Destination

The name of the child in this article has been changed to protect his/her privacy.
22 February, 2021

Performance Psychology - Empty Stadiums in the Premier League

Liverpool lost their first home game in four years on the 22nd of January. It was Burnley who came a...
19 February, 2021

Supporting Elite Athletes Mentally and Physically Through the Covid-19 Pandemic

Paul and Gary O’Donovan were the biggest story from the Olympics in 2016. Their silver medal, and su...
16 February, 2021

Stuart Lancaster on PE and How It Can Lead to a Career in Coaching

10 years ago, Martin Johnson resigned as the head coach of England Rugby. One of the most decorated ...
10 February, 2021

Portobello Institute's Careers in Sport

College is an important part of life. It’s not just the skills you learn that stay with you until ol...
09 February, 2021

Alternative Routes to Physiotherapy

Portobello Institute has an alternative route for you if you want to become a physiotherapist. Point...
02 February, 2021

PE in a Pandemic – The need for Appropriately Qualified PE Teachers

Physical education is a ubiquitous and important resource for our health. Sedentary behaviour has be...