Tomás Mac Eoin on the future of the Workplace after Covid-19

06 Jun 2021

The Future of the Workplace Post Covid-19.

That is the name of the webinar that Portobello Institute will host on June 22nd of this year. The four-person panel will be led by Portobello lecturer Bernard Mac Oscair.

Mac Oscair is the Managing Director of Berka Solutions and has extensive experience across different roles and with different companies as a Facilities Management professional. He will lead the panel through a discovery of what challenges are coming on the other side of Covid-19.

Tomás Mac Eoin is the CEO of Hereworks and Managing Director of the McKeon Group. His expertise is in IP Networks, Automation and RF Engineering.

Mac Eoin's company is already working with companies to change their workplaces:

"Today, individuals have more options available to them around where and when they do their work. At Hereworks, our role is in designing and integrating future workplace technology to facilitate this flexibility for the people who use the buildings, the building managers and the building's greater community.

We have been working with some of the largest companies in the world to integrate intelligent technologies in order to create a truly agile workplace, putting employee well-being to the front and centre.

By applying new technologies and machine learning we have an opportunity to improve space utilisation, transform a building's energy dynamics, introduce predictive control, automate fault diagnosis and change the role of facilities managers in buildings that are constantly adapting to the needs of their occupants."

You will be able to hear Mac Eoin's full view as he expands on these comments during the Portobello panel on June 22nd.

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