19 July, 2022 | Posted by Colm McDonnell

What Does a BA (Hons) in Fashion Management Degree Qualify you to do?

In the modern business of the fashion industry, you are required to have a broad and diverse range of skills that can be applied to multiple different disciplines within the industry. Because of this, Portobello Institute’s BA (Hons) in Fashion Management has been specifically designed to teach its students a wide array of modules containing knowledge that is transferrable across multiple branches of the fashion business.

Marketing is one of the key elements of working in fashion and is a cornerstone concept in growing a brand. In this degree, you will learn the fundamentals that underpin contemporary fashion marketing. You will be able to contribute to the growth and maintenance of a fashion brand in both traditional and new media.

You will hone your skills as a fashion buyer and merchandiser over the course of this degree. You will develop an understanding of the processes pertaining to fashion buying, including how these link to fashion merchandising along global supply chains.

You will also become familiar with garment technology and the professional environments for design, manufacture, and production available within the discipline. You will earn a comprehensive knowledge base of garment technology and its crucial role within fashion business and the wider fashion industry.

Leadership is an important quality in any industry and fashion is no different. This degree encourages an understanding of the importance of leadership and management within organisations and explores the core theoretical underpinning of the theories of leadership and management. Upon completion of the programme, you will be a well-suited candidate for leadership roles within the fashion business industry.

If this course sounds like it is something of interest to you, you can find out more about our BA (Hons) in Fashion Management, you can visit the course page here.

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