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Why should I continue to Level 8 in Early Childhood Care and Education?

Why should I continue to Level 8 in Early Childhood Care and Education?

"All I need is a level 7 - Why would I want to continue to level 8?"

This is the question we get asked so often by our level 7 early years graduates. So we asked Denise Flood, College Director and Head of our Early Years Department that very question and this is what she told us.

"Firstly, this is the final step. You have completed the hard work at level 7 - this is one module to achieve your level 8 honours degree. It is a research project carrying 60 credits and you will have a supervisor of your choice from our team who will support you through the research process."

"The research project is directly related to your setting - for example, if you want to change the garden of your setting, you can use this as the topic of your research project. We will help you break this down into achievable snippets such as consulting key stakeholders. What questions do you need to ask to find out what they think the theme of the space should look like - the stakeholders would include staff, children, parents, and other service users. Document the process, record the outcomes, reach a conclusion and this is your research project completed!"

"An honours degree opens up so many opportunities for employment and further study to Masters level - why would you not complete the project and achieve your level 8 honours degree?" she said.

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Much of the evidence signposts research as a vital aspect of ensuring quality service provision in the early years setting - you will learn how to conduct research, draw conclusions and record these during this programme.

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