21 May, 2021 | Posted by Michelle Hogan

Early Years Practitioners With A Level 8 Degree 'Stand Out'

Children in an Early Years setting

As the early years education sector continues to become professionalised and graduate-led, having a Level 8 BA (Hons) degree in Early Childhood Studies can help you to stand out from the crowd.

This is according to pre-school owner and Portobello Institute graduate, Hazel O'Connor, who recently achieved first class honours.

As a setting owner, Hazel said it is great to see employees who also have a Level 8 degree as it shows interest and initiative.

I know someone who is doing her Level 7 at the moment and she’s considering the Level 8 but she’s not sure because you can get the higher cap without doing the Level 8, but it’s the whole process of the research project that is very good for yourself in terms of thinking about what area you are interested in, going out then and meeting people, interviewing them, gathering information it’s good as a learning exercise in itself going and doing the research.  

“For anyone who wants to be a manager or wants to move up in their area it’s very good to have that, it gives you confidence.

"It’s nice to finish it out and get the Honours degree at the end but it’s just good for you to take yourself out of that comfort zone and do that research off your own back.  

“As a setting owner when hiring people, I think okay if people do the Level 7 they can look for jobs they’re able to get the higher cap but to finish it out and do the Level 8 I think makes them stand out, to go back and to show that you are interested because you always want to meet people who are interested and they’re not just doing what they have to do,” she said.

Completing your Level 8 degree also opens up a world of career opportunities. 


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