29 August, 2022

Benefits of a Career Change to Special Needs Assisting

Do you want to follow your passion to work in something new? Take control of a better work-life bala...
30 March, 2022

World Autism Awareness Day: 'How Will the World Treat My Child?'

There are many elements of Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) that require our immediate, on-going a...
30 March, 2022

Autism Awareness: 'Success in Adulthood Begins With an Independent Child'

My first memory of autism was many years ago while assessing young children in primary education. I ...
28 March, 2022

What Will I Learn in an SNA Level 6 Course?

Becoming a special needs assistant is a big decision for many people, it is a career that allows you...
01 March, 2022

The Value of Therapeutic Play Skills After 15 Years as an SNA

There is always something new to learn in any job, even outside of work every day is a school day as...
01 March, 2022

Career Change to SNA: Freedom in a Rewarding Role as an AIM Support Worker

Special Needs Assisting (SNA) opens up a world of job opportunities that can fit around your busy fa...
17 December, 2021

What Can I Do With SNA at Portobello Institute?

Within the world of education, Special Needs Assistants (SNAs) hold a vitally important role in the ...
04 November, 2021

Portobello Institute Supporting Children First Awareness Week

Everyone has a responsibility to keep children as safe as possible.
03 September, 2021

Lecturer's Journey From Leaving Cert Disappointment to Three First-Class Honours Degrees

Life circumstances were not conducive to Portobello Institute Lecturer, Samantha Cooney, achieving h...
01 September, 2021

Can You Become an SNA After the Leaving Cert?

Are you wondering if you can become an SNA after the Leaving Cert?