13 April, 2021

Add SNA Level 6 to your CV in time for September

An increased demand for SNAs in classrooms across the country is expected when children go back to s...
02 April, 2021

Have You Ever Considered Becoming an SNA?

Have you ever considered becoming a Special Needs Assistant (SNA)?
01 April, 2021

'If You've Met One Person With Autism, You've Met One Person With Autism'

Well, here it is again, my favourite time of year, a time to celebrate the most amazing individuals ...
01 April, 2021

Autism Awareness: 'Success in Adulthood Begins With an Independent Child'

My first memory of autism was many years ago while assessing young children in primary education. I ...
01 April, 2021

World Autism Awareness Day: 'How Will the World Treat My Child?'

There are many elements of Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) that require our immediate, on-going a...
25 March, 2021

Student Journey: From SNA to Play Therapist and How the Two Can Work Together

An introduction to Therapeutic Play Skills is beneficial for early years practitioners, special need...
18 March, 2021

What to expect on our Therapeutic Play Skills course?

Heard about Play Therapy recently and interested to know more? Portobello Institute has an upcoming ...
18 February, 2021

Irish Dancing Teacher Studying SNA: "It’s Unbelievable the Confidence it Has Given Me"

There are many factors to consider before embarking on a new education journey, especially one that ...
16 February, 2021

SNA Combined Intensive Course, Who is it For and Why is it Intensive?

Do you want a more fulfilling career that offers new life experiences and a better work-life balance...
09 February, 2021

Considering a career change into Special Needs Assisting?

Do you want a better work-life balance? A more family-focused lifestyle? Or are you seeking better j...